start a fire this fall



“the hallmark of the wild nature is that it goes on. it perseveres. this is not something we do. it is something we are, naturally and innately.”

“the most important thing is to hold on, hold out, for your creative life, for your solitude, for your time to be and do, for your very life; HOLD ON.” – women who run with the wolves

it’s been a helluva summer.

i bless myself with this pen and page. your heart can’t beat when it’s stuck in a cage- GET OUT. get out. breathe. live. do. BE GRATEFUL. we feel lost because we don’t see a path but we forget that’s because WE have to blaze it. don’t like where you are? change it. grind against what’s killing you, shed your skin, begin again. it’s never too late for a new origin story. the dark is real but so is your armor- reflect the light and keep getting stronger… i bow only to the fire inside me & the wings on my back~*

HELLO BEAUTIFUL HUMANS. i’m riding the lightning & last bits of this thunderbolt of a summer. i haven’t done any curated events of my own since june but HERE COMES THE FALL!

please join me for these shows because they’re not only meant for presentation, they are meant for PARTICIPATION. i’m in the mood to keep brewing and hope you are too ;)

want to:
– create a pair of wings made of positive words
– respond in the moment to your fellow cross-genre artists
– cozy up by the fire for mayhem & magic
– experiment/engage/build community?!

i gotchu.



9/30/15WORDS WITH WINGS, co-producing/hosting all-poetry show with THE GRIND in LIC & its amazing founder, spoken word poet/motivator SAFIEL VONAY (this girl is bonkers, check her out). this is the kickoff & the fireworks show!! feat. thomas fucaloro, shafina ahmed, steven licardi & others, special intro by safiel & i, plus more: live art/feathers project/mini open mic/artists to support including my amazing sister april tigerlily! let’s start the fall on a good foot & remember our WINGS. 11-27 44th rd LIC, doors at 7pm, 7:30-11:30pm [more info]

10/28/15Audrey Dimola presents MASHUPS! performance/workshop at Queens Council on the Arts in Astoria. it’s been a longtime dream of mine to feature artists responding to each other across genres, in the moment (!) – visual art, dance, poetry & music. this is the first & if you’re into it, please attend/email me for future events! feat. dancer caitlyn casson, musician jacob horstmeier, & more. 37-11 35th ave in astoria, 6:30-8 or 8:30pm.

11/12/15My Nature of the Muse fireside reading/live writing series returns to LIC Bar! this show is my very first baby & i’m so excited to bring it back to LIC bar a little earlier this year! five writers share their previously written work & then write LIVE from random prompts written by the audience. did i mention it’s by the fire?! feat. alicen grey, timothy bell, tippy rex, hala alyan & yi wu, w/special musical guests katelyn richards & luca difabio. 45-58 vernon blvd in LIC, 7:30pm.

11/18/15#neonrebellion kickoff with Nick Neon arrives at Q.E.D. in Astoria. want to be a part of a new supportive community of rebel-artists sharing work, asking questions, taking risks & encouraging each other to make art? stay tuned. we about the rock the joint. 27-16 23rd ave in astoria, 8:30pm.


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.43.33 AM

thanks to my awesome brother i’m returning to my roots in journalism with a new arts interview webshow (!!!) called ART FOR THE WILD produced by colored in black productions, shot & edited by my aforementioned videographer/editor brother dominick! debut episodes feature one of my favorite collaborators & humans in general, MARC MONTFLEURY! check it out! can’t wait to share more stories & performances of the amazing folks i know & love..


i’m SUPER proud to announce my story is appearing in an amazing book & initiative from my fantastic friend josh rivedal called The i’Mpossible Project: Reengaging With Life, Creating a New You. there are essays from myself and over 40 other life-warriors who have overcome tremendous odds, like josh himself who turned tragedy into new beginnings and ways to help others. preorders start tomorrow, more info is here!


my girl monica montgomery is launching the world’s first mobile/pop-up social justice museum, the MUSEUM OF IMPACT, this sunday 9/20 at 4pm in harlem! please come and help make history! it will be popping up from the launch until 9/24, so come for events each day like five boro story project’s uptown social justice story share 9/22 (from my other wonderful friend bridget!).

growing heart farm in upstate NY gave me so much this summer by accepting me with open arms & allowing me to work & stay in nature, and i want everyone to know what magic and healing they bring. please join them for an open retreat weekend with exploration, movement, yoga, and farm food (!!) oct 2-4. more info is here!



(new handmade versions of compass project poetry!)

stop disappearing into a faceless army. stop going back to your apartment, doing your job, going to sleep. that tingling in your throat, it’s starting something. it may come out hoarse but it’s a beautiful beginning. the messenger gave you a legend, a scripture, a tale to tell around a fire the way we did in ancient days. your words can turn ash to ember. BELIEVE it. NOW BLAZE.

go north / go forth,



it’s time

to let the first (immersive) version of this wily beast loose.

will you join us?

in 2012 on what would’ve been my nana’s 66th birthday i released my first book, “DECISIONS WE MAKE WHILE WE DREAM.” this year the day after my nana’s birthday and the day before mother’s day, i’ll be doing another first: a site-specific immersive experience called “THE WILD PAPERS.” it’s been a (fittingly) wild ride to this moment – starting off with restlessness & ideas, many talks and emails filled with questions to special friends, a writing/sharing workshop at queens council on the arts and finally an unexpected opportunity from monica montgomery to present at the lewis h. latimer house museum (under their ‪#‎museumanarchy‬ program!) that led to even more talks, idea-spinning, playing and inspiration with some beautiful collaborators i am so damn grateful to have: tyler rivenbark, jacob jeffrey horstmeier & kate vander velden. it’s been challenging, terrifying, humbling, goosebump-inducing & insanely FUN.. can’t wait to see where the road goes from here.

flyer by GiAnna Ligammari // art !

The Wild Papers” is Audrey Dimola’s latest project and initiative, a series of performances and workshops centered around sparking memories and dreams, diving headfirst into the stories that make up our lives, and rediscovering – and reclaiming – the limitless spark of wildness within us all.

On May 9th, the Latimer House in Flushing, Queens will be home to the very first incarnation of “The Wild Papers” as a performance – a unique, site-specific experience in the house and its grounds, conceived with inventor/poet/draftsman Latimer’s spirit of the unconquerable, of innovation and creativity.

You will be led through a seamless presentation of vignettes of dreams and memories, told through music, dance, poetry, and theatrical elements both specific and universal, playful and haunting. “The Wild Papers” is an exploration of the joy and poignancy of nostalgia, what we bring with us as we go forward, and what makes us who we are.

We are living with an ENDLESS barrage of memories, thoughts, and emotions, especially when it comes to the idea of HOME. Can you ever really go home again? And if you can, what do you find there – in your loved ones, your memories, yourself…?

Conceived by & featuring:
Audrey Dimola
Tyler Rivenbark
Jacob Horstmeier
Kate Vander Velden
with Diana Benigno

Saturday, May 9th – 6pm
at the Lewis H. Latimer House Museum (#museumanarchy!)
BBQ PARTY with veg options after! (forrealz)
Facebook invite is here.

rock & roll with wild on the side
(did i mention there may be ghosts),




Flyer by GiAnna Ligammari // art !

iiiit’s that time again, for one more time this year! as you may or may not know, this show is MY BABY! you can find out more about it HERE, but it’s best to experience the magic & mischief LIVE!

NATURE OF THE MUSE reading & live writing show

Thurs March 26th 7:30-9:30pm
by the FIRE at LIC Bar 45-58 Vernon Blvd
(come thru the bar to the carriage house in the back!)

Five readers will present their previously written works and THEN write LIVE from random prompts written by YOU, the audience!


Jennifer Faylor
Richard Jeffrey Newman
Crystal Rivera
Billy Conahan
Armando Chapelliquen

With special musical guests:
Samantha Leon

Hosted & roasted by yours truly, Audrey Dimola
Thanks always to Gus Rodriguez for giving this event a home! <3


come out & PLAY

don't let your heart go cold icicles

every single day is one step closer to spring ;) got some fun stuff coming up for you in MARCH & APRIL!

** Queens Lit in Action! with Audrey Dimola at Queens Council on the Arts 3/6/15 [INFO]

with funding from Poets & Writers, i’ll be using the Queens Council on the Arts “3rd Space” for a new event i conceptualized called QUEENS LIT IN ACTION – it’s a straight-up solo reading PLUS some kind of audience engagement activity (that’s the ACTION! part) like a writing exercise, discussion, presentation, collab, panel, etc. i’m kicking it off with networking, readings from TRAVERSALS & new work, AND writing exercises/discussion involving wildness & nostalgia based on the interdisciplinary show i’m working on right now, THE WILD PAPERS**. please come! & look out for future variations of this event at QCA ;)


** hosting (one of the longest running Queens reading series, my O.G.!!) Boundless Tales Reading Series at Astoria Bookshop 3/12/15 [INFO]

** my Nature of the Muse reading & live writing show returns to the fireside carriage house at LIC Bar! – 3/26/15 readers will present their previously written works and THEN write LIVE from random prompts written by YOU, the audience! did i mention it’s by the FIRE?! [INFO]

** featured Community Poet at the Fringe Verses Open Mic & Poetry presentation at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center for Rough Draft Festival 3/31/15 [INFO]

** NEW SERIES! very excited to be one of the Featured Readers at the DEBUT of the monthly LIC Reading Series in the carriage house at LIC Bar! 4/14/15 [INFO]

** i’m also on a brand new adventure as one of 24 participating local artists in Jeanne Van Heeswijk’s “Public Faculty no. 9” at Queens Museum – May 2015 [INFO]


audrey dimola compass project

the guerrilla sticker poetry project i started back in 2012 is on again! look out for ’em & let me know if you want some, especially if you live out of state & want to stick ’em up around YOU! i’ve sent ’em out to jersey, missouri, michigan, canada, south korea & more, and i’m very happy to say they’ll be appearing at MelimeL Digital Art Design‘s 2015 Women Empowerment event next month! more info on the project & tons of fotos are HERE.

“I am on page 60, and am completely blown away! I’m a reader, and writer of poetry too, and I must say, your words have captured some of my deepest emotions in regards to past loves. I feel so connected to your writing… very few can tug at my heart with their words, but you’ve managed to do that… this is a true gift. Moments I feel like I’m reading Neruda, one of my favorite poets. I’m utterly moved. Thank you, TRAVERSALS is truly a precious, one of a kind gift that you generously shared with the world.” -t.m. bella, writer & poet
signed copies of my newest collection of poetry and prose, TRAVERSALS, are available directly from me via PAYPAL, at the Astoria Bookshop & also at Q.E.D.: A Place to Show & Tell in astoria! support yer local biz!

QUEENS LIT is ALIVE & KICKIN’ & don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise ;) check out this list of QUEENS LIT RESOURCES for ways to get involved!

we only have this life. this moment. to see through these eyes, feel with these hands, create with this mind, love with this heart. remember – even in the grit, the sorrow, the bewilderment, the ache. this is what we’ve got. it doesn’t have to be perfect. or in the right key. or fit for mass consumption. but as long as it’s yours, and you made it with HEART – you help the collective fire to burn another day.

(thnx forever&ever for adventuring with me)

c’mon let’s go,



**PS: THE WILD PAPERS is going to be my baby for awhile.. it’s a multidisciplinary show/experience involving themes of wildness, nostalgia, childhood, peter pan, wonder, resiliency, etc. it’s something i’ve been wanting to do since the beginning of last year and everything i do is going to tie back to it.. including, hopefully, going on a cross-country tour with my best friend, nick neon, and his forthcoming feature film. DREAMS.


PPS: two of my prose pieces were published in WYVERN LIT’s latest issue, “i study your details” and “all i can do now.” YES! seriously, wyvern is amazing. such a wonderful process & editor!


Thank you to Jeanne Marie for the flyer!

Audrey Dimola’s NATURE OF THE MUSE reading & LIVE writing event returns to the fireside carriage house at LIC Bar!

Four readers will present their previously written works and THEN write LIVE from random prompts written by YOU, the audience!


Thursday, January 29th, 2015 – 7:30-9:30pm
at LIC Bar
45-58 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, Queens
in the back in the carriage house (go outside through the courtyard!)

Valerie G. Keane
Marc Montfleury
Kevin Marquez
Roya Marsh

With special musical guests:
Jeanne Marie Boes
Geoff Ong



Thanks always to Gus Rodriguez for giving this event a home!


***This event is nuts. And my first baby. The VERY FIRST show I ever curated and hosted on my own, back in 2013. Everyone freaks out beforehand (including me) but then knocks it out of the PARK. It’s a testament to how INSANELY TALENTED my friends & comrades are, and also to what happens when you give yourself over to the unexpected.. At the last Nature of the Muse, my amazing friend and co-collaborator Tyler Rivenbark actually wrote A SONG based on a prompt. In like 5 or so minutes! A SONG!!!! This is what I mean.. You NEVER know what will happen at Nature of the Muse ;) Check out more info and the resulting work from past events: January 2013, April 2013, and January 2014.



fire. fire. fire. FIRE.



PS: Thanks SO MUCH to BORO Magazine, Give Me Astoria & Idlewild Magazine for featuring the book & the launch on their sites, and to everyone who has helped spread the word! Love to you ALL.

“Audrey Dimola is the personification of creativity, talent and light […] The book is no doubt a reflection of the energy and light Audrey emits, and reads fluidly and vulnerably. Though the book began with the loss of her own personal firecracker, it is an embodiment of fireworks depicted on paper – words exploding and erupting with each turn of the page. TRAVERSALS is both empowering and moving.” – Give Me Astoria


‘i know she didn’t let ya believe makin’ art was not a messy business’ … -ntozake shange

It has been messy. It has been beautiful. It has been EVERYTHING.


“TRAVERSALS” is coming.. And so soon. Very lucky to have been featured in the Queens Courier & LIC Courier Magazine (see above) with an interview about it – read it here!

It’s nearly the anniversary of the beginning of “TRAVERSALS” – next month back in 2011, it all changed. And changed again last year, November 2013. This is my way to honor it all. To make sure I don’t forget, even the things it hurts to remember..

‘that was when the poem took over & gave you back what you discovered you didn’t haveta give up’ -ntozake

audrey dimola traversals


The official release – signed copies from me via PayPal OR select online/local retailers is on 11/3/14. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN in the brand new Q.E.D. space for the book launch & performance party in Astoria with music, dance & poetry on 11/13/14 – please join us if you’re in the area!

“Traversals is a cracking open that always points to the immutable love that’s inside all human experience. Audrey Dimola’s poems are a guide to finding that and reminding us what is always underneath. This is a book of poetry that you will turn to, again and again, like a friend along the way.” -valerie g. keane, writer & founder of poetry & coffee

Please share this milestone with me.. And if you have work you’ve been meaning to get out there – MAKE IT HAPPEN. FIND A WAY. MAKE IT WORK. There’s no time like the present to free yourself, your work, your words, your art, your expression. Self-publish. Send it out. Write it on the walls. Leave it in the streets. Read it to a crowd. Show it to one other person. Don’t let deadlines, submissions, gatekeepers, rejections, or your own schedule scare you. Just take the steps to SHARE. IT. NOW.

Looking fwd to sharing with you,



Canvas of Words: Preserving Our Roots

Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots

Ever since I first met writer, curator, and Queens powerhouse Wendy Angulo when I was organizing my Queens Literary Town Hall last October – I admired her strength, fire, and drive. One year since then, I’m so thrilled to announce that I am a featured poet in the lineup of Wendy’s next Canvas of Words show: PRESERVING OUR ROOTS!

On its third installment, Canvas of Words hits Queens, New York also known as “The Melting Pot” with CULTURE, HISTORY and IDENTITY.

Distinguished and Emerging Performance Poets will share their ROOTS as they take on a journey of filled with TRADITION & HISTORY. The journey will include “the American Dream” and the importance of preserving CULTURE, HISTORY and IDENTITY when achieving it.

A graffiti exhibition by visual artist Lawrence Hossanah Myse follows the themed show and will surround the stage and audience. Musicians and dancers will also join the arts and through their craft show the importance of preserving ROOTS to keep history alive.

The night will be a celebration of cultural diversity.

Hosted by “Advocate of Wordz”

Featuring: Bonafide Rojas, Annette Estevez, Rafael Landron, Roya Marsh, Modesto “Flako” Jimenez, Audrey Dimola, Cindy “Black Angel” Peralta, Carmen Taveras Molina and Nefertiti Asanti.

Produced by Wendy Angulo Productions & Robleswrites
Saturday October 11, 2014 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm
at the Victoria Congregational Church, 144-64 87th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11435.

Tickets available at
**SPECIAL 2 TICKETS FOR $20 Fri Oct 3rd – Sun Oct 5th**!!
Advance Tix $12 (thru Oct 10), $20 at the door


Let it be perpetual

I am bowing to this moment, to infinite abundance – to the sweat, to the energy, to the work, to the journey. May all opposition, all fear, all hesitance MELT in this warmth. It’s been a long, long winter – but ASK ME WHY THE COLD CAN’T TOUCH ME. ‘There is eternal summer in the grateful heart..’

Ladies & gents, I would be thrilled and honored to have you at any of the events I’m involved in or cooking up for you in the coming weeks. This has been the most exhilarating, surprising, and electrifying time in my life thus far for a myriad of reasons, and I feel truly BLESSED to have the opportunity to share my art, bring people together, and crusade for culture in Queens & NYC.

It is true that because of my doubts and anxieties I only believe in fire. […] Life. Fire. Being myself on fire I set others on fire. Never death. Fire and life. -Anaïs Nin

Audrey Dimola's World of Words: Queens


I’m honored to be curating the local stage, “MEANWHILE BACK IN QUEENS…” at the last event Paolo Javier is doing as current Queens Poet Laureate. MASSIVE, immersive celebration of literary arts as well as local writers/poets/reading series in Queens. Full schedule here / DNAinfo NY interview with Paolo about the event here.


As part of the 2014 Rough Draft Festival, my co-curator Tyler Rivenbark and I are experimenting with theatre of the unexpected: 10 playwrights will be paired with random groups of actors to write, rehearse, and stage plays LIVE on the spot, with the entire process cracked open for the audience to observe and partake in. Free-form event, come and go as you please from 3-9pm, culminates in a Q&A/celebration in the Little Theatre! Brownstoner Queens article about the show and festival here.


SO EXCITED and grateful to have this amazing 200-seat theatre space to produce my biggest event to date, a multi-disciplinary celebration of literary arts in Queens, featuring writers, poets, storytellers, and spoken word artists WITH multi-genre interludes including music, video, literature in translation AND the debut performances from myself and Kym Nolden’s words & movement collective, The Pen & The Ink – dance and poetry!

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 5.08.23 PM

PLEASE ALSO keep a lookout for Crescent Street Films and keep APRIL 5th & 13th in your calendar in Astoria. A fantastic new friend of mine named Paras Chaudhari is producing a film called “ASTORIA PARK” exploring racial tensions, LGBT issues, and more on the local basketball court, and is pulling together the community to celebrate and spread awareness. BIG local talent showcases I’m helping to curate at Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, 2-5pm AND The Strand Smokehouse, 5-8pm – ASTORIA STAND UP! Email me if you want to be involved ;)

AND I am so thrilled and honored to say that my self-published collection of poetry & prose, “DECISIONS WE MAKE WHILE WE DREAM,” is now on sale in ENIGMA BOOKSTORE in Astoria, Queens! (33-17 Crescent St). The book was a HUGE dream of mine and this is the next level.. Thank you to Enigma, thank you to everyone who has supported me and enjoyed the book thus far – it means more than I can say. If you’d like to get a copy, please check out Enigma Bookstore! A wonderful local business always in support of the arts.

Here’s to what we will create TOGETHER in spring and summer and the months beyond –

See you out there!

Infinite love,




I’ll be performing at IAM (Immigrant Advancement Matters)’s first Open Mic of 2014 at COFFEED 3/21/14 [Facebook]

My amazing mom is sharing her energy work at the NEWLIFE Expo 3/22/14 [Website]

You make the commitment, and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream, and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick! This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood, this is the shamanic dance in the waterfall, this is how magic is done: it’s done by hurling yourself into the abyss, and discovering that it’s a feather bed. -Terence McKenna

Light it up.

plunging fingers into fissures.. where is the crack in the wall, the rip in this reality, that will lead us back home? i say – bring on the dark. all the better to see our glow.. LIGHT IT UP.

January two thousand and fourteen. Ladies & gents, I feel blessed to be here, doing what I do. This year is all about doing things that scare me, or challenge me. New frontiers, new collaborations, new ways to play and be inspired.

After doing an amazing firepit “ritual” on my 26th birthday surrounded by family and friends, my best friend and I came up with an idea – set fire to your fear. Routinely. And the other night we did just that – mine? “I am afraid of losing my way.” And then – LIGHT IT UP.

That’s. It.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown tired of holding back. Grown tired of being ashamed. I am what I am what I am. We are all sparks and when we come together we can make something magical.. Give yourself PERMISSION, give yourself kindness and grace. To be exactly who you are. To create the world you want to live in..

on my last birthday cake i blew out the candles and said: ‘i wish i would never grow up.’ blessings all around & i feel the little girl i used to be constantly tugging at my sleeve. ‘don’t forget. don’t forget to believe.’ everyday.. keep the lights on. keep hollerin’ from the trees. keep swingin’ on the monkey bars. keep scrapin’ your knees. keep the happiness in your heart.. the rest will work itself out. here’s to lost boys. here’s to flying. here’s to never growing up.

I am so looking forward to EVERY. THING. HAPPENING. This year. To burst out in a blaze of color. “Audrey Dimola, what a production…” a dear of mine sighed to me last night. Yes.. Yes indeed ;)

First up: I hope to see you at the return of NATURE OF THE MUSE later this month, my reading and live writing event by the fire at LIC BAR! I’m honored to have some dear friends and fellow writers of diverse backgrounds coming along for the ride, in addition to two wonderful musicians! This is where it all started.. The first event I ever solo-curated – thanks from the bottom of my heart to my very talented pal Gus Rodriguez for setting me up with the fireside space and giving “Muse” a home, this time last year. LET’S DO THIS! You can find out more about previous Nature of the Muse events HERE.

Thank you so much to Brandon for the flyer! XO

Yesterday! I was thrilled to have been Glitter & Doom‘d! The amazing photography & interview project founded by my soul sister & dear friend, Liz Nieves, throwing the spotlight on local creatives. It’s so fun to remember where you’ve been.. Grateful.

“Years ago I would feel trepidation in calling myself a writer. I would feel silly saying it. You go through this whole struggle with validation. Are you a writer when you are published or are you a writer when someone tells you that you are? I just realized that this is what I am come hell or high water. Now I introduce myself as a writer, hell yes I do. If I feel like being fancy I say I’m a poet…”

Ha! ;) Please check it out in addition to all the other great content – an exhibition of photos from the series is also going up next month!

I’m really excited to be reading for several wonderful friends of mine across NYC over the next few months, which you can find out more about below, AND – please save the dates! Thanks to the connection of two amazing people (DB & Handan!) I will be curating my first events at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center! MARCH 28 is a live playwrighting/staging/acting event in site-specific spaces around LaGuardia, co-curated with my crazy talented playwright/musician friend, Tyler Rivenbark! AND – APRIL 12 will see a multi-disciplinary celebration of Queens literary arts in the 200-seat little theatre at LPAC. SO. EXCITED.

More deets to come, for everything.. Until then, please feel free to reach out! Add me on Instagram @audreyleopard! Email and say hello! I will be living by the incredible Hermann Hesse’s words.. This is a new age of creation for me – of collaboration, invocation, inspiration – guided by dreams and visions, open hearts, open doors..

From the sacred center of the world
streams forth an irrepressible desire
to overcome the silence between things.
Art, the ever flowing fountain, reveals
the secret of life through word and gesture, color and sound.

The world wants to be known to spirit
and find expression for timeless wisdom.
All life longs for a language.
Deep intuitions wish to surface,
find words and numbers, lines and tones,
always evolving forms of understanding.

This. This. This.

Love in the infinite & abundant possibilities..!




Curating/hosting Nature of the Muse at LIC Bar – 1/30/14 [Facebook]

Reading at In Celebration of The Year of the Horse: A Prose and Poetry Reading at Bliss on Bliss Studio – 2/2/14 [Facebook]

Reading at Poetry Teachers NYC’s The Unveiling Arrival at Bowery Poetry Club – 3/9/14 [Facebook]

Co-curating Live Playwrighting/Staging/Acting at Rough Draft Festival at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center – 3/28/14 Save the date!

Curating/hosting Queens Literary Festival at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center – 4/12/14 Save the date!


“Art in Hesse’s vision and practice leads the way to joy. The true artist nourishes the soul. The true poet’s medium is the sacred word. Hesse tries to restore the word as an instrument of the possible and the imagined, as a luminous bridge to the unknown.” – Ludwig Max Fischer, PhD, from ‘The Seasons of the Soul,’ a collection of Hermann Hesse’s poetry.


There are depths inside you too infinite to explain. When you need a reminder.. Look up. @audreyleopard on Instagram

Hello, hello out there! A little update from the road thus far..

I’ve added some new work to the site including performance videos and poems published, and everything is now organized into two categories: Poetry & Performance for poetry, prose, singing, creative projects and the like, and Articles & Media for journalism, blog posts, photos, and etc.

And away we go!

* I’m now part of the co-hosting team for Astoria’s Boundless Tales Reading Series! We just sent out an open call for writers with some interesting themes for each month – if you’re a writer/performer please check it out and submit your work! The next reading, which is also the last one of the season, is on June 20th at Waltz-Astoria and I’ll be hosting.

* Queens’ own Newtown Literary Journal is launching issue #2 at Odradeks in Kew Gardens (home of the rebooted REZ Reading Series) on June 6th. My prose piece “requiem (soon to be),” a written moment of silence for an LIC building on the chopping block, is published in it – thanks so much! Come on out and support QUEENS LIT! More info on their FB.

* I was really excited to be a part of some amazing events over the past few months..

** The second edition of my Nature of the Muse reading and live writing event was truly wonderful – I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out and was FLOORED yet again with the talent of the featured artists! THANK YOU all so much. And thanks to my lovely pal Paul I also got to sing for the finale ;)

** Reading at Oh, Bernice! was a huge highlight – I got to perform some new work including a piece crafted with some classic tunes, which meant a lot to me. My parents were also there, and I remembered the last time I performed at Cafe Marlene – it was the second reading I did back in 2011, and the first time they saw me read after getting back into performing. Coming full circle and finally getting to read and sing a hybrid piece – I was absolutely floating that night..

** After reconnecting with her at Nature of the Muse, I was so excited to be invited by the incredible M. Leona Godin to perform at her new WITH SPECIAL GUEST series at The Delancey. She really thinks outside the box and is a ridiculously entertaining host – at the beginning of this month I read my work for her show accompanied by fantastic singer/cellist (and total sweetheart) Calum Ingram, who played to my words, totally improv! LOVED IT.

Yoga warriors on the beach in Coney Island with instructor Dina Ivas

** Later on in the month, the weather wasn’t exactly on our side, but it was a testament to good vibes and good friends that Lola Star and I’s Coney Island Oasis still went on – we did misty yoga on the beach with teacher Dina Ivas, heard some music and poetry, and shared snacks. SO grateful for all the attendees who didn’t let the chill spoil their fun!

** And – last week.. I got to faux-officiate a wedding! Ever-lovely Sammy Davis referred me to the folks at The Not Wedding, which is a bridal show alternative in the form of a big, fake wedding with vendors, food, music, dancing, and more. This was the very first NYC Not Wedding and I had such a blast performing spoken word for this real couple’s ceremony. They were just shy of their actual one year wedding anniversary and used it as a kind of vow renewal – all beautiful, kick-ass people I am so glad to have met!

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 7.54.10 AM
Faux officiating, REAL LOVE at The Not Wedding – Instagram by @dolcedreamsevents

Currently – plotting out my next course.. I cannot wait to experiment with more forms of performing and collaborate with my beautiful friends. And hey, if you have a project you’d like to work on, if you want some poetry at your event or a fun MC – let me know!!

Stay tuned for the next Nature of the Muse later this summer, and updates on my next book. :) Just in case you’d like to check out my first book, Decisions We Make While We Dream, it’s still on sale right HERE! Earlier this month we passed the one year anniversary since I released it, in memory of my beloved Nana. Time sure does fly..

But – here we go. Flying right along with it..

Crawling out of the dark into an infinite summer –



National Poetry Month ’13!

Long Island City garden, @audreyleopard on Instagram

National Poetry Month! It’s here again.. It’s been a beautiful time of writing, productivity, and connections. I am excited and grateful for what these next months will bring.

“NATURE OF THE MUSE” is THIS THURSDAY! Thank you again to all the local media outlets who have been so, so kind to help promote – Newtown Literary Journal generously ran this piece they recently invited me to post on their great and growing blog, and BORO Mag featured it online and on their FB, calling it “one of the most exciting literary events in the city” (!!!) – but you can come on down and find out for yourself ;)

Newtown Literary is also throwing a fantastic fundraiser/series of local writing events called QUEENS WRITES! It’s next weekend, April 13th and 14th and if you’re a writer or literary person you should BE THERE! More info here. They’re also publishing my piece, “requiem (soon to be)” in their Spring/Summer ’13 issue!! EXCITED!

Cristian Zink of The Queens Ink by Liz Nieves

My longtime friend/collaborator Liz Nieves (of glitter unicorn photo fame) & I recently launched a webzine called GLITTER & DOOM featuring photos and interviews with everyday creatives + special content to come! Check it out!

Local arts collective Mission to (dit)MARS made me their Featured Artist and ran a great little interview! Check it out here. I also had the true pleasure of attending the inaugural event in their Launch Pad Reading Series for playwrights – Courtney Lauria’s “Bridges & Boundaries” really struck me. It was poignant, timely, funny – well-written, acted, and directed. Loved the concept and looking forward to more! Check out their website for info.

AND MORE EVENTS THIS MONTH! APRIL 18 I’ll be hosting @ Boundless Tales Reading Series in Astoria and on APRIL 20 I’ll be reading @ Oh, Bernice! Reading Series in Sunnyside. YES!

You never know where life will lead you next… @audreyleopard on Instagram

Infinite love & gratitude always!

See you ’round town-

XO a.

PS: I am also overflowing with joy and gratitude for my beautiful mom who had an amazing opportunity to present the work she does at the NEWLIFE EXPO, America’s largest mind, body & spirit expo, last month. If you need some good vibes or energy blockages removed (and much more) – please talk with her or check out her upcoming event on APRIL 26. So beyond proud.