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Light it up.

Posted on: January 16, 2014

plunging fingers into fissures.. where is the crack in the wall, the rip in this reality, that will lead us back home? i say – bring on the dark. all the better to see our glow.. LIGHT IT UP.

January two thousand and fourteen. Ladies & gents, I feel blessed to be here, doing what I do. This year is all about doing things that scare me, or challenge me. New frontiers, new collaborations, new ways to play and be inspired.

After doing an amazing firepit “ritual” on my 26th birthday surrounded by family and friends, my best friend and I came up with an idea – set fire to your fear. Routinely. And the other night we did just that – mine? “I am afraid of losing my way.” And then – LIGHT IT UP.

That’s. It.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown tired of holding back. Grown tired of being ashamed. I am what I am what I am. We are all sparks and when we come together we can make something magical.. Give yourself PERMISSION, give yourself kindness and grace. To be exactly who you are. To create the world you want to live in..

on my last birthday cake i blew out the candles and said: ‘i wish i would never grow up.’ blessings all around & i feel the little girl i used to be constantly tugging at my sleeve. ‘don’t forget. don’t forget to believe.’ everyday.. keep the lights on. keep hollerin’ from the trees. keep swingin’ on the monkey bars. keep scrapin’ your knees. keep the happiness in your heart.. the rest will work itself out. here’s to lost boys. here’s to flying. here’s to never growing up.

I am so looking forward to EVERY. THING. HAPPENING. This year. To burst out in a blaze of color. “Audrey Dimola, what a production…” a dear of mine sighed to me last night. Yes.. Yes indeed ;)

First up: I hope to see you at the return of NATURE OF THE MUSE later this month, my reading and live writing event by the fire at LIC BAR! I’m honored to have some dear friends and fellow writers of diverse backgrounds coming along for the ride, in addition to two wonderful musicians! This is where it all started.. The first event I ever solo-curated – thanks from the bottom of my heart to my very talented pal Gus Rodriguez for setting me up with the fireside space and giving “Muse” a home, this time last year. LET’S DO THIS! You can find out more about previous Nature of the Muse events HERE.

Thank you so much to Brandon for the flyer! XO

Yesterday! I was thrilled to have been Glitter & Doom‘d! The amazing photography & interview project founded by my soul sister & dear friend, Liz Nieves, throwing the spotlight on local creatives. It’s so fun to remember where you’ve been.. Grateful.

“Years ago I would feel trepidation in calling myself a writer. I would feel silly saying it. You go through this whole struggle with validation. Are you a writer when you are published or are you a writer when someone tells you that you are? I just realized that this is what I am come hell or high water. Now I introduce myself as a writer, hell yes I do. If I feel like being fancy I say I’m a poet…”

Ha! ;) Please check it out in addition to all the other great content – an exhibition of photos from the series is also going up next month!

I’m really excited to be reading for several wonderful friends of mine across NYC over the next few months, which you can find out more about below, AND – please save the dates! Thanks to the connection of two amazing people (DB & Handan!) I will be curating my first events at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center! MARCH 28 is a live playwrighting/staging/acting event in site-specific spaces around LaGuardia, co-curated with my crazy talented playwright/musician friend, Tyler Rivenbark! AND – APRIL 12 will see a multi-disciplinary celebration of Queens literary arts in the 200-seat little theatre at LPAC. SO. EXCITED.

More deets to come, for everything.. Until then, please feel free to reach out! Add me on Instagram @audreyleopard! Email and say hello! I will be living by the incredible Hermann Hesse’s words.. This is a new age of creation for me – of collaboration, invocation, inspiration – guided by dreams and visions, open hearts, open doors..

From the sacred center of the world
streams forth an irrepressible desire
to overcome the silence between things.
Art, the ever flowing fountain, reveals
the secret of life through word and gesture, color and sound.

The world wants to be known to spirit
and find expression for timeless wisdom.
All life longs for a language.
Deep intuitions wish to surface,
find words and numbers, lines and tones,
always evolving forms of understanding.

This. This. This.

Love in the infinite & abundant possibilities..!




Curating/hosting Nature of the Muse at LIC Bar – 1/30/14 [Facebook]

Reading at In Celebration of The Year of the Horse: A Prose and Poetry Reading at Bliss on Bliss Studio – 2/2/14 [Facebook]

Reading at Poetry Teachers NYC’s The Unveiling Arrival at Bowery Poetry Club – 3/9/14 [Facebook]

Co-curating Live Playwrighting/Staging/Acting at Rough Draft Festival at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center – 3/28/14 Save the date!

Curating/hosting Queens Literary Festival at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center – 4/12/14 Save the date!


“Art in Hesse’s vision and practice leads the way to joy. The true artist nourishes the soul. The true poet’s medium is the sacred word. Hesse tries to restore the word as an instrument of the possible and the imagined, as a luminous bridge to the unknown.” – Ludwig Max Fischer, PhD, from ‘The Seasons of the Soul,’ a collection of Hermann Hesse’s poetry.

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