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“A brave streak of lightning continuing to illuminate the hearts of everyone who knows her […] Thank you for your thunderous existence!”

“Queens’ very own supreme creative force…” -s.vazquez

“Relentless in her powerful vulnerability and radical approach to performance…” -s.t.licardi

“A proponent of passion and the positive power of the present moment.” -n.ruhling

“Soul-stirring, victoriously vulnerable, emotionally charged, fire-breathing…” -b.geraghty

“Inspiration incarnate.” -j.horstmeier

“A poet with a righteous warrior’s soul.” -j.belitsky

“Vulnerable, daring, generous, entertaining…” -m.poels

“You’re the human form of fire.” -o.koralashvili

“Poetic force of nature…” -m.geffner

“One of Queens’ art and literary gems…” – the sisSTAR loop

“Busting down walls with words, flint for heart fire…” -m.pasca

“Bewitching, ethereal, badass & real…” -poets settlement

“A wildfire in a world of fluorescent bulbs.” -d.benigno

“An authentic and adventurous gatherer of souls and stories…” -s.toledano

“One of the few original wild spirits…” -s.ahmed

“A walking, talking, fully embodied supernova.” -s.t.licardi

“An absolute force..” – d.gorman

“A delightful storm of light and power!” -e.toney

“The personification of creativity, talent, and light…” -s.hussain

“The quintessential cultural place-setter…” -g.mangusso

“A force of nature, approaching everything with expertise, openness, honesty and joy.”

“A testament to the human spirit…” -j.anastasio

“Full of joie de vivre and life force!” -t.fink

“After meeting her you get the feeling that at any moment she might sprout wings and fly off into the sunrise…” -t.bell

“The ‘REBEL POET of QUEENS’ who created a Queens literary community with the alchemy of a poetic wild heart!” -j.willette


“Audrey Dimola stands as a beacon for the literary and artistic community in Queens. She’s been hugely successful in uniting the community in her native borough and once you’ve met her, it is easy to see why. Her dynamic energy and passion for life shine through…” -idlewild magazine

“You’re a warrior of light and a beacon of strength for what words can do. Truly you are a force. One candle can fill a dark room. But a star…” -b.perdomo

“Incredibly moving, validating, healing, cathartic, in your words, alchemical… legend. […] For those of us who cannot find either voice, expression, eloquence, strength, capacity, courage, physicality, or who have not yet come to the place in our journey where we can even begin to articulate our experience… I humbly thank you. Your willingness to be vulnerable, to trust the Universe and the rest of us with your story, your soul, heals not just you, but all of us.” -l.monet bevino

“You have poetry in you, and it’s BURNING up inside like a VOLCANO! LET IT OUT…!” – one of my heroes, m.disuvero






Celebrated for her dynamic presence on stage and on the page, Queens, NYC native Audrey Dimola is a poet, performer, curator, local arts advocate, community organizer, and lifelong artist. She is also Director of Public Programs at her beloved Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City.

Audrey is particularly interested in CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY, and COLLABORATION; mythologizing life experience through the arts and LIVING YOUR LEGEND; artistic experimentation and improv between genres and disciplines; intersections of shamanism, ritual, and free expression; advocating for mental health awareness; holding safe and generative space; and returning to our truest and most wild selves.

A creator and crusader for culture in her hometown borough for over a decade, Audrey has been widely recognized for her work in its artistic/literary communities by presenting a unique circuit of events and creative opportunities, including: a popular series of fireside reading and live writing events exploring the “Nature of the Muse,” “MASHUPS!” which invited improvisational collaboration between a poet, painter, dancer, and musician; “THE WILD PAPERS” immersive site-specific theatrical experience created specifically for the Lewis H. Latimer House Museum; the borough’s first ever Queens Literary Town Hall; the sold-out multidisciplinary show “HOW WE CREATE & HOW WE COPE: intersections of art and mental health/mental illness” at Queens Council on the Arts; and the original alchemical theatre work “PROVENANCE,” uniting poetry, music, movement and ritual in “the kind of performance that gets the crowd emotionally invested whether they want to be or not. Regardless of where you are when the performance begins, when it ends you are exhausted, grateful, stronger and better for having seen it” (B. Geraghty).


Audrey is the author of three poetry & prose collections, “Decisions We Make While We Dream” (2012), “TRAVERSALS” (2014), and “WILDLIGHT” (2018), and is creator of the Compass Project, a guerrilla poetry sticker initiative that has traveled across the globe spreading positivity. She was also the featured poet in Gillette Venus’ highly impactful global #UseYourAnd campaign, which celebrated strong, multifaceted women and garnered over 21 million views during its run.

She has been featured on NY1 TV, Queens Public TV, International Women Artists’ Salon, and in many local publications/media, has curated shows for LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, the Historic House Trust, and Queens Museum, and performed at venues around NYC including Queens Library, Bowery Poetry Club, Brooklyn Museum, Flushing Town Hall, Dixon Place, El Barrio’s Artspace PS109, KGB Bar, Cornelia Street Café, and the NYC Poetry Festival. Her work has been published by Yes, Poetry, Newtown Literary, Rebelle Society, Dark Mountain Project’s Uncivilised Poetics, great weather for MEDIA, Flavorpill’s Flavorwire, Words Dance, and more, and her multimedia art installations have been exhibited at Long Island City Artists’ Plaxall Gallery and the LIC Arts Open Festival.

In addition to planning and executing a diverse range of free public programs spanning music and dance to yoga and kayaking at Socrates, while collaborating with over 50 cultural and community partners including the Metropolitan Opera and Ballet Folklorico Mexicano, Audrey speaks at conferences, festivals, and schools from elementary to college; holds and facilitates safe space for ceremony and the arts; and continues to actively perform and curate independently.

She believes wholeheartedly in the alchemical aphorism “ALL NATURE IS RENEWED BY FIRE,” and can usually be found: writing on everything, riding her bike, climbing trees, pushing the edges of reality…






***Want to talk, collab, make magic, ask a question? Give her a shout at:

In wildness is the preservation of the world. -H.D. Thoreau

If you don’t break your ropes while you’re alive, do you think ghosts will do it after? -Kabir

But the heart refuses to be imprisoned; in its first and narrowest pulses, it already tends outward with a vast force, and to immense and innumerable expansions. -R.W. Emerson

Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks grinning in the funeral. But you, children of space, you restless in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed. -Kahlil Gibran



My loved ones so much it hurts (my mom is pretty incredible; so is my best friend), heading towards THE WONDER, wearing many hats (especially when they are leopard print, rainbow, or glittery), communing with nature, biking, leaving words in unexpected places, furthering Queens art and writing, creative collaboration, street art, the Triboro Bridge, playing with the unexpected, PLAYING in general, following the current of the universe, making forts, scribbling in notebooks, acting like Peter Pan, HOWLING, cruisin’ to the oldies, connecting people, doing silly voices, wildly gesticulating, working with animals, art history, making people laugh, doing yoga, being an aspiring aerialist, going as high as I can on the swings, watching people do what they love, helping people do what they love, pretending I know how to swing dance, the ancient Egyptian section at the Met, the sound of a room vibrating when everyone says OM, finding quotes that resonate with me, reading (always), learning (everyday), Emerson, Rilke, Rumi, Fitzgerald, Neruda, Hesse, Hafiz, Gibran, French Surrealists, mountaintops, rivers, libraries, fireworks, and of COURSE, Queen’s ever-fabulous frontman, Freddie Mercury, who is my greatest inspiration in life aside from my blood relatives.

Into the wild wonderland…

Celebrated as “a wildfire in a world of fluorescent bulbs,” a “poetic force of nature,” and “inspiration incarnate,” Queens, New York City native AUDREY DIMOLA is a poet, performer, curator, messenger, local arts advocate, community organizer, and lifelong artist, as well as Director of Public Programs at Long Island City’s Socrates Sculpture Park. // Thanks so much for stopping by! You’ll find all my work on this website, past and present, as well as new blog posts. Poetry, prose, videos, events, photos, articles – it’s all here. // STAY WILD, STAY GRATEFUL!


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