audrey dimola traversals

what do you do, now, in the aftermath of forever? in the postscript your bleeding hands can barely write? walk on, my child, and fall like a star. for it is the only way you too will be reborn.

TRAVERSALS is a poetry & prose collection about love and loss, wildness and bewilderment, resiliency and restlessness. The beauty in cracking open, the beauty in discovery and rediscovery, the beauty in trusting the journey. It’s about the people who come in and out of our lives – the ghosts we are haunted by and the ghosts we become to others.. And how to navigate the world, and the rest of our lives, in their alternating presence or absence.

It’s the near-chronological and achingly honest retelling of Queens, NYC-born writer/poet Audrey Dimola‘s life from Fall 2011 to present, catalyzed that season by the passing of a loved one, the dissolution of a long-term relationship, a shifting career, a kaleidoscopic sense and loss of identity, and, of course, crossing paths with the gorgeously explosive muse that would strike the broad arc of the book – and all the moments in between.

It’s a love letter to all those moments we will never see again. To falling, and falling again. An exploration through both the flames and the ashes of “the burning architecture of the heart.”

RELEASE DATE: November 3rd, 2014. 174 pages, proudly self-published.


Available on Amazon; signed copies from author available upon request (with consideration for extra shipping time :)).

audrey dimola traversals


“…a heartrending journey bursting into redemption.” –joan willette, writer & educator

“To be a poet is to be brave enough to tread trough the darkest forest of the subconscious. […] Occasionally a poet comes along with a rhythm in their soul that echoes that of an entire city, a blaring staccato that slices through cement like torrents, hugging and cracking the earth. Audrey’s words cut. Talk about a poet in the wild.” –diana benigno, artist/actor, writer [read full review]

“I just received your wonderful treasure and to say that I am in deep gratitude would be an absolute understatement. I have been weeping over your words for the last few hours and I haven’t felt this renewed and understood in the longest time. You have such a distinct magic and this world is so incredibly blessed to have you in it to share your light and love.” –s. hartlove, poet

“You’re a warrior of light and a beacon of strength for what words can do. Truly you are a force. One candle can fill a dark room. But a star…” –brandon perdomo, curator, musician & photographer

“TRAVERSALS is a cracking open that always points to the immutable love that’s inside all human experience. Audrey Dimola’s poems are a guide to finding that and reminding us what is always underneath. This is a book of poetry that you will turn to, again and again, like a friend along the way.” valerie g. keane, writer & founder of poetry & coffee

“I am on page 60, and am completely blown away! I’m a reader, and writer of poetry too, and I must say, your words have captured some of my deepest emotions in regards to past loves. I feel so connected to your writing… very few can tug at my heart with their words, but you’ve managed to do that… this is a true gift. Moments I feel like I’m reading Neruda, one of my favorite poets. I’m utterly moved. Thank you, TRAVERSALS is truly a precious, one of a kind gift that you generously shared with the world.” –t.m. bella, writer & poet

“Audrey Dimola is the personification of creativity, talent and light […] The book is no doubt a reflection of the energy and light Audrey emits, and reads fluidly and vulnerably. Though the book began with the loss of her own personal firecracker, it is an embodiment of fireworks depicted on paper – words exploding and erupting with each turn of the page. TRAVERSALS is both empowering and moving.” –sana hussain, writer & managing editor of give me astoria

“the backbone of this book is a celebration of the knowing + the unknowing in one life + heart. of memories + freedom. a call to those warriors we meet on the paths we take who bring us light. that stranger who becomes a lover who becomes a ghost. the one who leaves an imprint in our desert for the rest of time like the eroding of rock turned river. the ghosts of our past, of ourselves, of promises long broken. and what we choose to do with these ghosts…” nick neon, film + music video director, screenwriter & creative director @

“Audrey Dimola uses words to harness light, and this collection of poetry and prose brings that light to dark places and broken spaces. With her native New York feet, wildchild spirit, and poetic fingertips, the author selflessly cuts open her own scars to reveal that beauty can emerge from pain. Using her writing gift and keen understanding of the human condition, she howls at the light of the moon so that the reader does not drown in darkness. The beauty of the moonlight remains in the reader’s heart and mind long after reading the words.” maria karaiskos, nyc teacher

“‘It contains the seasons of myself from a time I reflect on as the beginning of becoming.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself. TRAVERSALS is a journey about trying to find that hurt and making it rainbows that we can all slide down. It’s about acceptance and change; the accepting of who you are and how that can change you into something more light. This certainly is the beginning of becoming an Audrey Dimola rainbow, pick a page, drown in the colors, start accepting yourself.” thomas fucaloro, poet: it starts from the belly and blooms & forthcoming mistakes disguised as stars

“Enjoyed every poem, some of them made me laugh and others made me teary-eyed. This Queens radiant poet is as honest and open as any human can be…” wendy angulo, CEO/founder of wendy angulo productions, & curator of canvas of words

“Audrey = magic. Every day. Get the book – it’s a stunner.” –anne born, author of a marshmallow on the bus

TRAVERSALS will jolt your neurons!” –allison jackson, writer & astrologer

“I’ve never heard you speak but I heard cracks and cries of voice not unfamiliar, the words came right off the page. And I sat in a dark cafe but the space was illuminated because the pages went by, flames in my hands. You have a powerful rhythm and song to your writing, I’m happy I found your work…” –g. ligammari, artist

“When I read your writing it’s as if my own soul is speaking to me through it. I’m enchanted and I’m so impressed…” –m.rabinowitz, doctor


if you can’t move, let the breath move..
if you can’t be the ship, be the oar.
if you can’t be the oar, be the compass.
if you can’t be the compass, be the slightest stirring
in the voyager’s heart that told him –
i will not waste this day like all the others.
if you can’t be the voyager, be the faintest flickering
of the arrow magnetized towards whatever is greater –
whatever you can see in that last moment,
with your eyes widened and the water in your lungs –
that suddenly makes you forget how to drown…

TRAVERSALS has been featured on/in: NY1 TVQueens Public TV, Queens Gazette, LIC Courier Magazine, Queens Library’s “Enrich Your Life” publication, Give Me Astoria, BORO Magazine & Idlewild Magazine. THANK YOU!

Pieces from TRAVERSALS have been published in the following journals:
winter (reprise) – Kitchen Poet Journal
fragility – Words, Pauses, Noises (UK)
i study your details – Wyvern Lit
becoming – Kitchen Poet Journal
exceptions – Words Dance
kindred – REZ E-Reader
all i can do now – Wyvern Lit
sifting – Creations Magazine
transfiguration – Words Dance
whenever you fall i will be there to catch you – great weather for MEDIA’s collection ‘Before Passing’

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