Let it be perpetual

I am bowing to this moment, to infinite abundance – to the sweat, to the energy, to the work, to the journey. May all opposition, all fear, all hesitance MELT in this warmth. It’s been a long, long winter – but ASK ME WHY THE COLD CAN’T TOUCH ME. ‘There is eternal summer in the grateful heart..’

Ladies & gents, I would be thrilled and honored to have you at any of the events I’m involved in or cooking up for you in the coming weeks. This has been the most exhilarating, surprising, and electrifying time in my life thus far for a myriad of reasons, and I feel truly BLESSED to have the opportunity to share my art, bring people together, and crusade for culture in Queens & NYC.

It is true that because of my doubts and anxieties I only believe in fire. […] Life. Fire. Being myself on fire I set others on fire. Never death. Fire and life. -Anaïs Nin

Audrey Dimola's World of Words: Queens


I’m honored to be curating the local stage, “MEANWHILE BACK IN QUEENS…” at the last event Paolo Javier is doing as current Queens Poet Laureate. MASSIVE, immersive celebration of literary arts as well as local writers/poets/reading series in Queens. Full schedule here / DNAinfo NY interview with Paolo about the event here.


As part of the 2014 Rough Draft Festival, my co-curator Tyler Rivenbark and I are experimenting with theatre of the unexpected: 10 playwrights will be paired with random groups of actors to write, rehearse, and stage plays LIVE on the spot, with the entire process cracked open for the audience to observe and partake in. Free-form event, come and go as you please from 3-9pm, culminates in a Q&A/celebration in the Little Theatre! Brownstoner Queens article about the show and festival here.


SO EXCITED and grateful to have this amazing 200-seat theatre space to produce my biggest event to date, a multi-disciplinary celebration of literary arts in Queens, featuring writers, poets, storytellers, and spoken word artists WITH multi-genre interludes including music, video, literature in translation AND the debut performances from myself and Kym Nolden’s words & movement collective, The Pen & The Ink – dance and poetry!

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 5.08.23 PM

PLEASE ALSO keep a lookout for Crescent Street Films and keep APRIL 5th & 13th in your calendar in Astoria. A fantastic new friend of mine named Paras Chaudhari is producing a film called “ASTORIA PARK” exploring racial tensions, LGBT issues, and more on the local basketball court, and is pulling together the community to celebrate and spread awareness. BIG local talent showcases I’m helping to curate at Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, 2-5pm AND The Strand Smokehouse, 5-8pm – ASTORIA STAND UP! Email me if you want to be involved ;)

AND I am so thrilled and honored to say that my self-published collection of poetry & prose, “DECISIONS WE MAKE WHILE WE DREAM,” is now on sale in ENIGMA BOOKSTORE in Astoria, Queens! (33-17 Crescent St). The book was a HUGE dream of mine and this is the next level.. Thank you to Enigma, thank you to everyone who has supported me and enjoyed the book thus far – it means more than I can say. If you’d like to get a copy, please check out Enigma Bookstore! A wonderful local business always in support of the arts.

Here’s to what we will create TOGETHER in spring and summer and the months beyond –

See you out there!

Infinite love,




I’ll be performing at IAM (Immigrant Advancement Matters)’s first Open Mic of 2014 at COFFEED 3/21/14 [Facebook]

My amazing mom is sharing her energy work at the NEWLIFE Expo 3/22/14 [Website]

You make the commitment, and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream, and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick! This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood, this is the shamanic dance in the waterfall, this is how magic is done: it’s done by hurling yourself into the abyss, and discovering that it’s a feather bed. -Terence McKenna

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