when the fever broke.


it has been an interesting number of weeks for me. like tumblr once upon a time, instagram has become a safe space to document experiments with lots of different things- natural light, video, physical art pieces, minute moments.. (click on the videos to play them!)

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things converge to create such a particular mood, moment, influence. spending time in emotional darkness, in physical sickness, days without blue sky. watching movies like gaspar noe’s ‘love’ and ‘to the wonder.’ returning to the proust chapter about memory (a memory is altered everytime you recollect it) in the ‘proust was a neuroscientist’ book.. walking over the triboro bridge to randalls island, again and again. looking at everything from high up. experiencing that particular feeling that hits me every year at this time- threshold. lingering light. possibility.

several things are on the horizon- i want to curate and perform in a different way, playing with poetic theatre hybrids, video editing, spatial exploration. i feel lucky to have new possibilities beginning with the incredible IDENTIFY show starting next week, and with my dear friend mwest this summer on SI.. it’s why everything has to fall out from under us, sometimes. sometimes seeing nothing, nothing at all, for awhile- is the only way to see things differently. to remember the vocabulary that exists in your hands, your body.

even thinking of ‘self-love’ in a different way..


wonder directed inward. inward(,)seeking wonder

my overwhelming need to build castles triumphantly is sabotaged because i don’t pay attention enough to not keep building them so close to the sea. one castle falls after another and i am enraged, heartbroken, impassioned, and blindly inspired to keep building, again and again and again.

you can still build the sandcastle. just be cognizant of the foundation. of where the tide comes in.

and that’s what i have to look at, now. the foundation. which comes with examining patterns without judgment.

what is the cure, the elixir of life?

having the patience- although part of me doesn’t want to use that word because it feels too conscious- to live through the days even when you are robbed of existence. even when you feel ‘you’re wasting your life’ – that is your life. right? it’s something you have to walk through.

i am a proclaimer, i love to feel strong and overcome and get to the end of something. but you don’t get to the end of this- it’s not neat, it’s fucking jagged and awful and meaningless and makes no sense. but it also just is.

we have to retrain ourselves to feel these things. accept them as whole, full, meaningful stimuli- instead of always seeking seeking seeking something more, something else. this is even about me, feeling myself. appreciation of the tiniest meaningful gestures- no one else can explain that to you.

i write these words while knowing in some days’ time they may be robbed from me but i guess that’s why we write, or create. not for continuity’s sake but to capture the feeling of a moment- i was here, feeling this.

every moment we can just stand here and say- this i what i am, right now- whether or not it is incongruous with our legend, what we want to be percepted as.

can i find the wonder in the small things? let everything touch me with profundity- the grace in what it is, not what i want it to be or wish it was?

birds outside the window, in the light. to take things as they are.

we are the only ones who can unravel our own illusions.

we are learning everything- painfully, by crashing into it, by watching it go.

i trust that i am supposed to learn from these golden moments instead of always “having what i want.”

because then everything gets numb. no wilderness, no sex, no recognition, no sunny days can fill you if you lose the ability to be filled.

gratitude is a word we all say so often. wildness, too- everyone is wild now. perhaps this is my journey to really uncover what they mean- by going slowly. seeing miracles. unravelling the dissatisfaction. and truly feeling again.

because from inside the gold of the moment- it just is. you are most grateful for your breath when you are breathing, fully, not thinking about it. you are most grateful for your life while you are just living it.


this week i will be standing onstage again. i’m hosting boundless tales on thursday and on friday i’ll be performing a brand new piece from this time at an event i’m so looking forward to- the wonderful joan becht willette‘s celebrating queens women artists event at queens council on the arts! it gets me thinking so much about history, HERstory, identity, perception. all themes running through my mind, my creative production at this time.. i want to explore this further and push past some edges i previously stopped short at. what does it mean to be vulnerable, to fully share? what about the space between the words? what about the power that comes from not always being the loudest or the most outwardly powerful or explosive? this is what i want to experiment with. how sensual, how gentle, how tender, how graceful. slow. nuanced. there is power in that.

after being in the dark you become obsessed with the light. physical light. feeling it on your face, the shapes it casts on walls, the way it warms bricks on sides of buildings, tied to some memory you can’t quite place, something from childhood, something sprang from goodness- something you somehow know- that even after all this– you believe in. you can remember what believing means. it is effortless, when real. the light. and even the light in the gradual fading of it to twilight and dusk, streetlights winking on, the sweetness of gradient. all the shades in between- we are.

i am easing up on the weight of the illusions- baudelaire, ‘to every man his chimera,’ stooped low, carrying.. i want to give my back a break. stand up and feel that light on my face. experience the gradients. not the violent highs and lows. the moments i have been too afraid, too restless, too impulsive to inhabit. i will be there.

springtime- in mind, in body. as always. so welcome.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.05.51 AM Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.06.25 AM

to the wonder,




3/10/16 – Hosting for Queens’ longest running reading series, Boundless Tales at the Astoria Bookshop, 7-8:30pm [Facebook]


3/11/16 – Featured poet at Celebrating Queens Women Artists Event organized by Joan Becht Willette for Women’s History Month at Queens Council on the Arts, 6:30-9pm [More info]

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.42.36 AM

4/7/16 – Performing for Queens Book Festival/Wendy Angulo Productions in Long Island City at the Q-Boro Lit Crawl! [Facebook]

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.23.17 AM

4/16/16 Poets from Queens reading with Queens Poet Laureate Maria Lisella and other distinguished local poets at Queens Library in Flushing (auditorium), 1:30-3pm!

DON tribute Undertheinfluence 16X20 copy

And later that night… 4/16/16 – Featured poet at UNDER THE INFLUENCE: The Inspirational Legacy of a King from Queens honoring Astoria graff legend DON1 with Louie “KR.ONE” Gasparro at QNS Collective, 7-11pm [Facebook]

[all events, past & present, always listed HERE

QPTV “Art of Poetry”

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.56.30 AM

my longtime dream of appearing on QPTV/queens public TV is being realized very SOON!

thank you so much to maricor and empyre media productions for believing in me, the whole crew, my bro for helping, and of course gail lewis for hosting :) XO

“EMP’s ‘Art of Poetry’ with Audrey Dimola is now scheduled to cablecast on QPTV.

Here’s the schedule:

June 8, 2015 Monday- 10:30 am
Time Warner, Ch 56 / 1996
RCN, Ch 84
Verizon Fios, Ch 36


June 21, 2015 Sunday- 7:30 pm
Time Warner, Ch 56 1996
RCN, Ch 84
Verizon Fios, Ch 36

Note: This cablecast schedule is for Queens Borough residents only.

For those residing outside Queens borough, please watch the Episode on Empyre Media Production’s Vimeo Channel.
We shall post it, in sync with the cablecast schedule.

Please mark your calendar. Happy viewing ;)”




i feel so grateful to have been able to share my work and my thoughts on this empyre media productions episode, infinite thanks to the wonderful maricor fernandez and her crew and gail lewis who gave me an amazing interview! watch the clip for some live poetry from my last book ‘TRAVERSALS’ (& singing!), discussions of wildness and the unexpected, my guerrilla poetry sticker project, my feelings on poetry being for EVERYONE, dispelling the indie artist legitimacy crisis/stigma against self-pub, the impetus behind THE WILD PAPERS project, queens love & more. shoutouts to everyone for the photos & video used in the clip- the beginning is the debut of the dance/poetry collab MIRRORS at LPAC in april ’14! bless to all. i love this. <3


There are depths inside you too infinite to explain. When you need a reminder.. Look up. @audreyleopard on Instagram

Hello, hello out there! A little update from the road thus far..

I’ve added some new work to the site including performance videos and poems published, and everything is now organized into two categories: Poetry & Performance for poetry, prose, singing, creative projects and the like, and Articles & Media for journalism, blog posts, photos, and etc.

And away we go!

* I’m now part of the co-hosting team for Astoria’s Boundless Tales Reading Series! We just sent out an open call for writers with some interesting themes for each month – if you’re a writer/performer please check it out and submit your work! The next reading, which is also the last one of the season, is on June 20th at Waltz-Astoria and I’ll be hosting.

* Queens’ own Newtown Literary Journal is launching issue #2 at Odradeks in Kew Gardens (home of the rebooted REZ Reading Series) on June 6th. My prose piece “requiem (soon to be),” a written moment of silence for an LIC building on the chopping block, is published in it – thanks so much! Come on out and support QUEENS LIT! More info on their FB.

* I was really excited to be a part of some amazing events over the past few months..

** The second edition of my Nature of the Muse reading and live writing event was truly wonderful – I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out and was FLOORED yet again with the talent of the featured artists! THANK YOU all so much. And thanks to my lovely pal Paul I also got to sing for the finale ;)

** Reading at Oh, Bernice! was a huge highlight – I got to perform some new work including a piece crafted with some classic tunes, which meant a lot to me. My parents were also there, and I remembered the last time I performed at Cafe Marlene – it was the second reading I did back in 2011, and the first time they saw me read after getting back into performing. Coming full circle and finally getting to read and sing a hybrid piece – I was absolutely floating that night..

** After reconnecting with her at Nature of the Muse, I was so excited to be invited by the incredible M. Leona Godin to perform at her new WITH SPECIAL GUEST series at The Delancey. She really thinks outside the box and is a ridiculously entertaining host – at the beginning of this month I read my work for her show accompanied by fantastic singer/cellist (and total sweetheart) Calum Ingram, who played to my words, totally improv! LOVED IT.

Yoga warriors on the beach in Coney Island with instructor Dina Ivas

** Later on in the month, the weather wasn’t exactly on our side, but it was a testament to good vibes and good friends that Lola Star and I’s Coney Island Oasis still went on – we did misty yoga on the beach with teacher Dina Ivas, heard some music and poetry, and shared snacks. SO grateful for all the attendees who didn’t let the chill spoil their fun!

** And – last week.. I got to faux-officiate a wedding! Ever-lovely Sammy Davis referred me to the folks at The Not Wedding, which is a bridal show alternative in the form of a big, fake wedding with vendors, food, music, dancing, and more. This was the very first NYC Not Wedding and I had such a blast performing spoken word for this real couple’s ceremony. They were just shy of their actual one year wedding anniversary and used it as a kind of vow renewal – all beautiful, kick-ass people I am so glad to have met!

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 7.54.10 AM
Faux officiating, REAL LOVE at The Not Wedding – Instagram by @dolcedreamsevents

Currently – plotting out my next course.. I cannot wait to experiment with more forms of performing and collaborate with my beautiful friends. And hey, if you have a project you’d like to work on, if you want some poetry at your event or a fun MC – let me know!!

Stay tuned for the next Nature of the Muse later this summer, and updates on my next book. :) Just in case you’d like to check out my first book, Decisions We Make While We Dream, it’s still on sale right HERE! Earlier this month we passed the one year anniversary since I released it, in memory of my beloved Nana. Time sure does fly..

But – here we go. Flying right along with it..

Crawling out of the dark into an infinite summer –



Poetry Month ends, May begins..

Facade of Long Island City library, April 2012

It’s been quite a National Poetry Month for me and I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had. I finished up my 30 haiku in 30 days (albeit a bit late ;))… Uploaded a poem to the A Poem From Us project…

And went to see my poem at Queens Borough Hall in the Queens Poets & Poems exhibition! Thanks so much again to Queens Poet Laureate Paolo Javier for including me – we need more visibility for Queens poets! :)

Here’s me with “validation” up on the wall – and rocking my dad’s denim jacket from the 70s ;)

I was also so very, very lucky to be a part of a stunning multi-disciplinary performance piece called “Some Kind of Nature,” directed by my longtime friend, the AMAZING Patrice Miller, at 571 Projects in NYC.

An interdisciplinary exploration of the figure through performance text and sculpture using classical texts and new material from contemporary authors written in response to the process and work of artist Julie Tremblay. Featuring work from Marcus Bowers, Edward Einhorn, Audrey Dimola, Justin Maxwell and others, Some Kind of Nature focuses on the intersection between the real and surreal, the body and the idea of the body, drawing inspiration from classic surrealists and writers like Jorge Luis Borges.

It was indescribable watching my poem “voyage” be performed before my eyes in such a context, by such talented actors and alongside the work of incredible contemporary poets and legends like Poe, Carroll, and of course one of my all-time favorites, Rilke.. An experience I will literally NEVER forget!

And while it’s unrelated to poetry, this is absolutely worth mentioning.. For the past few months I’ve been working like mad as producer on my best friend Nick (NJ) Calder‘s music video for rock band Acey Slade and the Dark Party, “Grave of the Fireflies.” The shoot wrapped a few days ago and I’m still flying. What an amazing, challenging, fun, and inspiring experience – and just the first of many with this team of NEON REBELS we forged. Cannot WAIT for more..

A few production shots from the video, shot at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn!

Tomorrow will bring one of my most important updates EVER.. More soon!


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”

I want to keep this short even though there is SO much to say – but I just wanted to express that I wholeheartedly stand in solidarity with my high school, LONG ISLAND CITY HIGH SCHOOL, on today of all days.. I am a proud product of LICHS, and I would not be the individual, the professional, and the creative person I am today if I hadn’t attended this school.

I believe that LICHS has been unjustly targeted by the Mayor’s ineffective plans for “turning around” city schools that aren’t performing up to his standards. The actual proposal as per the DOE is: The Proposed Closure of Long Island City High School (30Q450) and the Opening and Co-Location of New School (30Q365) with a District 75 Inclusion Program (75Q993) in Building Q452 Beginning in 2012-2013. Tonight there is a vote that will determine the future of the school..

I attended the public hearing in opposition of the school closure on the 17th of this month, and was overwhelmed by the support from local officials, past and present students, faculty, community members, and everyone in between. I am at a LOSS as to why an exceptional school like LICHS could land on a list of school closures. It boggles the mind of everyone who hears about it, especially my fellow students from the class of 2004.

As I mentioned – there is SO MUCH to say on this subject – but I’d love to leave you with some of what my amazing Government teacher, Ms. Kapodistrias said, what I said, and what many others said.

full version here


LICHS gives opportunities to EVERYONE. Kids who wouldn’t otherwise have had them. ESL, special ed, low scoring, high scoring, kids with kids of their own, and on and on. It’s all a NUMBERS game and it sickens me – we shouldn’t have to beg to keep this school open. OUR VOICES, our passion for this school should be enough. Bloomberg wasn’t happy with how LICHS scored and so he marked it as a “transformation” school YET DESPITE ITS PROGRESS they pulled LICHS out of the transformation program BEFORE IT WAS EVEN COMPLETED, and dumped it on the “turnaround” list – which basically means if it doesn’t get a vote TONIGHT to keep the school as-is and help it in a way that will actually BENEFIT the students and faculty, they are restarting a school with almost 100 YEARS of history in the neighborhood with a new name, a confusing and stressful situation for students, and a demoralizing situation for faculty. They are exhausted, and it is just not fair.

LICHS is a public school that gives kids from Queens and all over NYC – kids from EVERY background, mental capacity, and family income – a place to get a well-rounded education with top-notch programs including sports, culinary, visual arts, and theatre. Bloomberg could not be more disconnected from NYC education, especially when putting a school like this on the chopping block. Listen to the voices of your own neighborhood – stand in solidarity.

LICHS, I will always love you –

and I will always be proud to say I AM LIC.

My first little book!

Recently I’ve been absolutely dying to make a book, so this morning I followed this quick and easy Instant Book tutorial from Hero Arts and made a little blank white book from plain printer paper. After accidentally stapling it to my desk (don’t ask..) while adding more pages, I took a NYLON magazine and my words to it and this is the result…

I love that it happened organically and is a snapshot of this time. This is my first little book of this sort – I haven’t made DIY books/magazines since I was pretty much a wee lass, and it’s absolutely wonderful to tackle it again. More to come.. Hope you enjoy!

Getting styled by Sammy Davis Vintage!

Happy 2012, everyone!

I wanted to share a really fun video I was a part of last month. The fabulous Sammy Davis of SammyDavisVintage.com – a killer blog dedicated to spreading vintage love to newbies, diehards, shop owners, and everyone in between – styled me in vintage at NYC boutique A Little Wicked in a video for her site!

We had a BLAST – watch the video below. Click HERE for Sammy’s post and HERE for mine on SUGAR -N- THUNDER!

More soon!

November already…

Keeping busy, busy, busy:

Reading at Boundless Tales was such a pleasure (and I always love reading on home turf!) – big thanks again to the lovely Aida and the talented writers I shared the stage with that night!

SUGAR -N- THUNDER is crankin’ on its video content which means I’m interviewing up a storm, and the rest of The Bang & The Clatter interviews have been posted – check out the latest here, and believe me there is more to come!

I’m also very excited to be co-hosting SUGAR -N- THUNDER’s first event: the NYC/USA premiere of NJ Calder‘s “Fear Eats The Seoul” on Dec 3rd at eGarage in LIC! If you haven’t heard of this film OR conversely if you’re a friend of NJ’s check this out!

Finally – I’m putting my voice forward and working on some sounds – fun covers, collabs, and more. Here’s a quick, one-take a capella video I did of me singing some of my favorite songs/vocalists.

Until next time.. !

Let it be known!

– Getting to read at BOWWOW was fantastic. Thanks so much to Queens Poet Laureate Paolo Javier for the intro and shoutouts! Diverse talent and really great things going on there – do check them out next month!

– As aforementioned, I’m making a very happy return to video interviewing! Check out the latest for SUGAR -N- THUNDER (Lefty Lucy/Miss Coney Island!) and The Bang & The Clatter (first band from our AM&A footage, Everlovin’ Savages!). More to come!

– My next reading (poetry & debuting a prose piece) is for Boundless Tales at Waltz-Astoria on October 27th! Big thanks to Aida – more info here; FB invite here.

I’m currently looking for a small press to publish my first book of poetry and prose, from 2000 onward. Any leads, please share!

Happy Fall, ladies & gents.

The Bang & The Clatter Teaser

My brother Dominick and I are working together under the name The Bang & The Clatter Productions! Here is our first video – a teaser for the coverage we did of AM&A’s Astoria Music Now festival last month.

Full interview and music clips coming soon! Thanks to all the awesome artists who spoke with us that day.

Interviews by me, shot/edited by Dom.