What I Do

My body of work is deeply multidisciplinary– this website was created around 2009 (!) and has been the online container for it all ever since.


I’ve self-published four books of poetry and prose: Decisions We Make While We Dream (2012), TRAVERSALS (2014), WILDLIGHT (2018), and THE BOOK OF LEGEND (2019).


Since 2011 I’ve been performing my own poetry and prose work as an alchemical poet/singer/theatrical creature in venues, showcases, and special events both large and small all over Queens and NYC.

++ You can read (and watch) many selected works HERE.

++ Full event history and UPCOMING EVENTS are listed HERE.


Since 2013 I’ve been curating and hosting my own original shows & multi-disciplinary arts events, including: Nature of the Muse, The Wild Papers, the (first ever) Queens Literary Town Hall, Church of the Sacred Body, MASHUPS, How We Create & How We Cope: intersections of art & mental illness, The Widening Circle, UNSTAGED: A playwrighting and performance experiment (co-curated), and A Prayer to See & Be Seen: Creative Reframing for Mental Health — full listing of curated shows is HERE.


My first hour-long, written/directed/featured alchemical theatre work, PROVENANCE, debuted at Long Island City Artists (LIC-A)’s Plaxall Gallery in December 2018. More on the show and full video footage is HERE. “PROVENANCE is the intersection between the journey to love; the journey to self, which is also to god; and the journey to make peace with the darkness. part ritual, part poetry, part music, part movement- it is an exploration of the viscerality of want. how it drives us, transforms us. ‘the wanting creature.’ its connections to love, sex, spirit, and mental illness. and how, if we push far enough- this grief-filled longing becomes ecstatic, transcendent, holy- a means for return to true self, a return to god.”


Info and photos from my long-running poetry sticker project, mixed media artwork, immersive art installations including THE FIRE ROOM and go slowly, see miracles; and poetry graffiti series and experiments, are HERE.


Results of my past and sometimes current lives as an arts journalist, as well as on-camera host/interviewer, photographer, editor, music video producer, can be found HERE.


Coverage of my work in print/TV/online as well as featured shows and interviews are HERE.