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“we are receiving a request to move on still further, from the psychological to the mythological stage […] that understanding is not behind us, but ahead of us.”
–robert bly.

I am a lifelong writer/performer, and creative space-holder/curator since 2013. Earth and Story saved my life. From 2020 onward, crystallizing in 2022, they are the foundations of the container for my heartwork going forward:


Myth-inspired earth-centered embodied learning.

We work with:


I give thanks always to the old stories, the Great Mother and my more-than-human kin (lands, waters, plants, animals…), Dr. Martin Shaw and Mythsinger Daniel “3D” Deardorff, as well as Joseph Campbell, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Marina of ThruBody Therapy, and The Storytelling Circle.



Rock poetry / rock readings – I work with rocks in ways similar to tarot or runes. The rock people hold their own poetry for truth and divination; we creatively work with their metaphors together.

The Way Out Is In: Intro Legend Session (1-1.5 hr) – the standard intro to doing Personal Legend work in session with me. 3-part exploration with archetypes, visualization, journeying/oracle deck creation. Practicing the ability to let go and receive; to walk into landscapes that already exist, to meet beings and guides that are already there (“no thinking required!”).

Ecotherapy session (1-1.5 hr) – based on my training with The Earthbody Institute and affinity for wilderness vigil framing; possible virtually but especially efficacious when exploring in-person how to work with the land and create containers for receiving/deciphering meaning and metaphor.

Storytelling in the oral tradition – I work with the old stories, stories shared and passed down by our ancestors for thousands and thousands of years. I have a motley crew of stories that have chosen me that I can share in a variety of contexts, including space for listeners to “feed the story.”

Wild Body Dreaming session/instruction – outdoors/in-person, exploring methodologies of becoming more-than-human; imaginative shape-shifting and moving with the land (inspired by the Cove, the East River shoreline at Astoria Park, and the 20th Avenue trees in Astoria/LIC, NYC; deepened and taught by Manchester’s Pomona Island, after originally reading of ‘wild land dreaming’ in Abrams’ ‘The Spell of the Sensuous’).

– Ongoing work: Customized Personal Legend Session (1-1.5 hr) – after the intro session, we dive into your own adventures steered optionally by a question, theme, interest coming up for you. We work with emergent modalities such as: minute moving, creative intuition exercises, visualization and journeying, somatic work, rock poetry, ritual-making, and storytelling. No session is alike!

2-day or 4-session Wild School with exercises and teachings – appropriate for groups, schools, retreats/conferences; combination of Personal Legend exercises, storytelling in the oral tradition, and teachings from the Corpus Legendarium / my body of work including: body as compass/oracle, earth connection and reciprocity, developing associativity, deep listening to the land, rites of passage, hero’s journey frameworks, imaginative thinking in mechanical times, mythologies of personhood and place, mental illness/spiritual emergence, suicidality as metaphor, holding tension and dancing the mandorla, kingmaking, why we need the old stories…

BOOKING: Also available for groups; available in-person or online unless otherwise noted, please email me for more specifics + pricings. Always happy to do an exploratory call or Zoom to answer questions!


What the people say:

“I have worked with Audrey Dimola as a myth-carrier, myth-teller, myth-singer and facilitator; I have witnessed the deep, all-encompassing and undeniably potent connection that she has with every story held in her bones; I have been inspired by the passion, care and commitment with which she goes about uncovering the depths of her soul, and then in offering her experiences as a guiding light for others on a similar path. Audrey embodies for me proof of the power that story can have in changing the course of our lives.”

– Brendan Lucia (MA, HCPC, BADth) – Co-founder, The Storytelling Circle

“Audrey is a masterful facilitator – both solo and in collaboration – and a magnetic storyteller. She has a unique gift at weaving together personal history, ancient myth, and political realities, shining a light on an increasingly urgent mental health crisis facing our world today. She is not afraid to explore stories in their entirety and at their most nuanced, modeling a bravery and vulnerability that is contagious to anyone attending to her performance. Bearing witness to Audrey’s talents is, in many ways, a powerful form of time travel: a lesson in holding space for the past, present, and future all at once.

Audrey’s work is essential in the context of transforming and refining our approach to mental health. She is not afraid to dwell in the liminal space of symbol and metaphor and meaning, a space that resonates deeply for those of us who struggle with mental health challenges, or identify as mad, neurodivergent, or disabled. Transformation necessitates engaging with crisis, and engaging in crisis often requires an embrace of all the unique talents Audrey brings and holds in her work with story.”

– Jessie Roth – Director, Institute for the Development of Human Arts

recent testimonial after Intro Legend Session:

as a trauma therapist, i have been searching for innovative ways to explore grief in my body. the legend session with audrey was exactly what i’ve been looking for. i was guided through 3-4 visual meditations that allowed me to feel less cluttered in my mind, more centered in my body, and i’ve felt directed and focused all week. i’m excited to use these sessions to better connect to my ancestors, intuition, and future self. pro tip: go in with zero expectations and let your intuition take the lead. 10/10 would recommend –sonalee rashatwar, @thefatsextherapist


Related past events:

[Ongoing] Active member of the international Roundhouse Storytelling School; proud steward of the Mythsinger Legacy Project, carrying the fire of mythteller and musician Daniel Deardorff (1952-2019)

Wild Body Dreaming with Audrey – storytelling session for Dr. Sharon Blackie’s Mythic Imagination Network [more to come!] – 2022

Moving Through Myth – The Way Out Is In story session (La Loba, The Moon Palace, Prince Lindwurm) for Qoya/Wiracocha Foundation’s fundraiser for the Q’ero weaving women – 2022

Long-form storytelling events (with breaks for feeding!) of The Handless Maiden and Parsifal for UK-based The Storytelling Circle – 2021

Integrating the Hero’s Journey into your Life and Practice, presentation/workshop facilitated in collaboration for Institute for the Development of Human Arts – 2021

How to Convert Your Life into Legend: Inside the Hero’s Journey – solo presentation/workshop for Institute for the Development of Human Arts – 2020

THE WAY OUT IS IN – Creative Intuition Sessions piloted online with diverse groups and 1-on-1’s – 2020

A Prayer To See & Be Seen: Creative Reframing for Mental Health – 2-part event with guest speakers including documentary screening of “CRAZYWISE” – 2019

PROVENANCE – performative mythology / original ritual theatre on themes of mental illness, spiritual emergence, selfhood and origination – 2018

Church of the Sacred Body – showcase exploring stories held in the body through writing, ritual, and music – 2018

Women Who Run With The Wolves – showcase inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés (of course) and weaving story, poetry, music, and ceremony – 2016

MASHUPS! – holding space for a painter, dancer, writer, and musician to riff off each other and improv in the moment for a series of several ‘mashups’ – 2015

Nature of the Muse – fireside literary event exploring the interrelation between polished/edited work and live writing – 2013-2015

Upcoming events will be listed HERE.



“There is a place for professional intervention, such as psychotherapy, for some, and psychoactive drugs that help avert acute crises.

However, the idea that these interventions are somehow superior to lifestyle changes, relationships, or non-technical approaches like yoga is an idea that is solely based on ideology and vested interests in maintaining professional standing and power. It is not based on science, and, in fact, may actually defy it.

People are different, and difference from the dominating norm is not necessarily evidence of inferiority and disease. Further, trauma, oppression, and adversity are a part of life, whether we wish to acknowledge or appreciate it or not. And, long-term healing happens through changes in the environment; changes that have been common sense for centuries prior to the advent of industrialization.

Relationships matter. Relaxation matters. Nutrition matters. Hope and purpose matter. Nature matters. Love matters.”

— Noel Hunter, Psy.D., from “Trauma & Madness in Mental Health Services”


There are so. many. alternatives. to the traditional biomedical/biopsychiatric model for healing from/working with “mental illness,” trauma, and chronic stress– and so many ways to move forward from the deeply disempowering “sick brain that needs to be fixed” diagnosis phraseology of the DSM.

This was the deep original root of my pursuance of this Work, after what was perceived as mental health crisis/suicidality, and an eventual Bipolar II + Anxiety Disorder diagnosis (2018), which led me into my current evolutions– from investigating complex trauma and roots of destructive patterning (read my Mad in America article from 2020 here) onward into weaving earth, body, story, and spirit in a continuing and emergent way.

I’m always more than willing to discuss and offer my own perspectives and most helpful experiences/resources, many of which are listed below:

– Yoga (try Yoga With Adriene online!)
– Storytelling
– Hero’s Journey frameworks
– Grief work
– Meditation/Mindfulness
– Ceremony, ritual, and earth-based practices explored safely with initiated guides and practitioners
– The film “Crazywise” (pivotal for me)
– Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy
– Dance and movement
– Somatic Experiencing
– Sensory deprivation floating
– Breathwork
– Working with myth and archetype
– Cold showers / Wim Hof method! (for real)
– Qoya: a movement practice for living wise, wild, and free
Contextual-Conceptual Therapy/Suicide Therapy (which works with METAPHOR as a huge component)
– Ancestral healing work
– Visualization/journeying
– Sound healing
– Plant medicine (CRUCIALLY important who holds ceremony for/with you and can integrate with you afterwards- NOT EVER to be done recreationally)
– Spending time outdoors, in nature, communing with the earth and more-than-human kin
– Health and nutrition (literally, what you eat!)
– Community (retreats, group support, sharing circles)
– Healthy boundaries
– Twelve Step programs (Codependents Anonymous / CoDA changed my life)
– Non-verbal creative modalities like music, art, collage…
– Incredible peer-supported alternatives to the mainstream featuring events, community, Facebook groups, resources, and trainings such as Fireweed Collective (formerly Icarus Project) and the Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA)

You have choices. You have options. You have rights. Remember that.


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