National Poetry Month ’13!

Long Island City garden, @audreyleopard on Instagram

National Poetry Month! It’s here again.. It’s been a beautiful time of writing, productivity, and connections. I am excited and grateful for what these next months will bring.

“NATURE OF THE MUSE” is THIS THURSDAY! Thank you again to all the local media outlets who have been so, so kind to help promote – Newtown Literary Journal generously ran this piece they recently invited me to post on their great and growing blog, and BORO Mag featured it online and on their FB, calling it “one of the most exciting literary events in the city” (!!!) – but you can come on down and find out for yourself ;)

Newtown Literary is also throwing a fantastic fundraiser/series of local writing events called QUEENS WRITES! It’s next weekend, April 13th and 14th and if you’re a writer or literary person you should BE THERE! More info here. They’re also publishing my piece, “requiem (soon to be)” in their Spring/Summer ’13 issue!! EXCITED!

Cristian Zink of The Queens Ink by Liz Nieves

My longtime friend/collaborator Liz Nieves (of glitter unicorn photo fame) & I recently launched a webzine called GLITTER & DOOM featuring photos and interviews with everyday creatives + special content to come! Check it out!

Local arts collective Mission to (dit)MARS made me their Featured Artist and ran a great little interview! Check it out here. I also had the true pleasure of attending the inaugural event in their Launch Pad Reading Series for playwrights – Courtney Lauria’s “Bridges & Boundaries” really struck me. It was poignant, timely, funny – well-written, acted, and directed. Loved the concept and looking forward to more! Check out their website for info.

AND MORE EVENTS THIS MONTH! APRIL 18 I’ll be hosting @ Boundless Tales Reading Series in Astoria and on APRIL 20 I’ll be reading @ Oh, Bernice! Reading Series in Sunnyside. YES!

You never know where life will lead you next… @audreyleopard on Instagram

Infinite love & gratitude always!

See you ’round town-

XO a.

PS: I am also overflowing with joy and gratitude for my beautiful mom who had an amazing opportunity to present the work she does at the NEWLIFE EXPO, America’s largest mind, body & spirit expo, last month. If you need some good vibes or energy blockages removed (and much more) – please talk with her or check out her upcoming event on APRIL 26. So beyond proud.

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