fire. fire. fire. FIRE.



PS: Thanks SO MUCH to BORO Magazine, Give Me Astoria & Idlewild Magazine for featuring the book & the launch on their sites, and to everyone who has helped spread the word! Love to you ALL.

“Audrey Dimola is the personification of creativity, talent and light […] The book is no doubt a reflection of the energy and light Audrey emits, and reads fluidly and vulnerably. Though the book began with the loss of her own personal firecracker, it is an embodiment of fireworks depicted on paper – words exploding and erupting with each turn of the page. TRAVERSALS is both empowering and moving.” – Give Me Astoria


This was tonight – what I scribbled in my notebook as I walked over the entirety of the Queensboro Bridge for the first time…

(ps – happy, happy, HAPPIEST spring)



there is something to be said for the PROMISE of this moment – walking over the queensboro bridge alone at night – cars whizzing past, cerulean expanse dotted with infinite beacons of light – i feel it – opening up, and i break out into a run, smiling so hard i nearly cry, breathing cold air into beating heart, gazing upwards to moon glowing in hazy cloud-smoke between turrets of dizzying urban ingenuity, and this – i breathe, i feel, i KNOW – this is LIVING. this is my one precious life. everything inside me is rushing forward and i just want to fling my arms out in the spirit of perpetual motion and HOWL from the depths of me, but i just – marvel, marvel, marvel…

i am here.

i am enough.