“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”

I want to keep this short even though there is SO much to say – but I just wanted to express that I wholeheartedly stand in solidarity with my high school, LONG ISLAND CITY HIGH SCHOOL, on today of all days.. I am a proud product of LICHS, and I would not be the individual, the professional, and the creative person I am today if I hadn’t attended this school.

I believe that LICHS has been unjustly targeted by the Mayor’s ineffective plans for “turning around” city schools that aren’t performing up to his standards. The actual proposal as per the DOE is: The Proposed Closure of Long Island City High School (30Q450) and the Opening and Co-Location of New School (30Q365) with a District 75 Inclusion Program (75Q993) in Building Q452 Beginning in 2012-2013. Tonight there is a vote that will determine the future of the school..

I attended the public hearing in opposition of the school closure on the 17th of this month, and was overwhelmed by the support from local officials, past and present students, faculty, community members, and everyone in between. I am at a LOSS as to why an exceptional school like LICHS could land on a list of school closures. It boggles the mind of everyone who hears about it, especially my fellow students from the class of 2004.

As I mentioned – there is SO MUCH to say on this subject – but I’d love to leave you with some of what my amazing Government teacher, Ms. Kapodistrias said, what I said, and what many others said.

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LICHS gives opportunities to EVERYONE. Kids who wouldn’t otherwise have had them. ESL, special ed, low scoring, high scoring, kids with kids of their own, and on and on. It’s all a NUMBERS game and it sickens me – we shouldn’t have to beg to keep this school open. OUR VOICES, our passion for this school should be enough. Bloomberg wasn’t happy with how LICHS scored and so he marked it as a “transformation” school YET DESPITE ITS PROGRESS they pulled LICHS out of the transformation program BEFORE IT WAS EVEN COMPLETED, and dumped it on the “turnaround” list – which basically means if it doesn’t get a vote TONIGHT to keep the school as-is and help it in a way that will actually BENEFIT the students and faculty, they are restarting a school with almost 100 YEARS of history in the neighborhood with a new name, a confusing and stressful situation for students, and a demoralizing situation for faculty. They are exhausted, and it is just not fair.

LICHS is a public school that gives kids from Queens and all over NYC – kids from EVERY background, mental capacity, and family income – a place to get a well-rounded education with top-notch programs including sports, culinary, visual arts, and theatre. Bloomberg could not be more disconnected from NYC education, especially when putting a school like this on the chopping block. Listen to the voices of your own neighborhood – stand in solidarity.

LICHS, I will always love you –

and I will always be proud to say I AM LIC.