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A SELECTED ARCHIVE OF WRITTEN & PERFORMED WORK that is not even the tip of the iceberg, but still

+ the dreaming – pretty much sums it up, nov 2021 (with audio/video).

+ THE STORYTELLER – late 2020

+ underground transmissions; new spoken word/channeled archives on soundcloud…

Working in Story with Audrey Dimola on Writing Remix: A Podcast about Language, Art, and Pedagogy – Jan ’21.
In Episode 43, we talk to poet and teller-healer Audrey Dimola about radical mental health, ecological wellness, and working with archetypal stories and myths to foster healing, personal growth, and community.
“Be[ing] adaptable [is] what I think is going to carry us forward. That’s one of the things that should come out of this time of breaking this container of all of these habitual patterns and this grind and the narratives that we’ve been running along with… How do we get back to presence? How do we understand? How do we adapt? Shapeshift?”

+ How To Convert Your Life Into Legend: Inside The Hero’s Journey– a workshop and presentation hosted by the Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA) – Nov ’20

+ The Wild Truth (ep. 140) – my interview on Vijay R. Nathan’s Truth To Power show, covering mythic mental health, the two wolves legend, and more… Sept ’20

+ how to press PAUSE // a reimagining – Feb ’20 [read the text HERE]

+ Recent pieces on the intersection of myth and mental health (BIG heartwork):

Validating Psychosis: The Missing Narrative– published on Mad In America, August ’20

On Suicide, Psychosis, and The Soul

+ the body is a prayer for beginning, debuted for Borne Dance Company, Feb ’20 – also published in the Poets of Queens anthology, released Aug ’20

^^^ YouTube playlist of performance videos!!! ^^^

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+ How my experience with mental illness helped me trust my darkness – published in Rebelle Society, November ’18; read it HERE #awarenessisempathy

+ wilderness pentecostal – an ecstatic wild prayer, May 2018

+ My original alchemical theatre work, “PROVENANCE,” debuted 12/18/18 on the 7-year anniversary of my beloved Nana’s passing, at LIC-A/Plaxall Gallery in LIC. 1 hour long performance plus talkback/Q&A. Written and conceived by Audrey Dimola, performed by Audrey Dimola, Steven T. Licardi, Kymberly Nolden, Matthew Toth & Riley Batson. [MORE INFO & LINKS TO HIGHLIGHTS]

Appearing in my third book, “WILDLIGHT”:

+ bridgewalker

+ lazarus was a house on fire (woman)
debuted at Women’s History Month events in NYC, 2017; published in Words Dance, May 2017

+ reliquary: the body
debuted at LIC-A’s Winter Gala, 2016; published in Yes, Poetry journal, March 2017

+ i speak
transcribed exactly as recorded into my phone while riding my bike, astoria to bed stuy

+ blue sky
debuted at Queens Council on the Arts, 2016

+ peter (i want to be real)
the summer I turned thirty, 2016

+ this is for you
debuted at ‘Words with Wings’ and read to inspire high schoolers at LICHS, 2015

+ studies in reaching
debuted at Local Project, 2015

+ somewhere else
debuted at Risk of Discovery, 2015

+ wilderness codex
published on Queens Library’s website for National Poetry Month 2015

+ Poetry from art including “hands”
Original works written in response to striking visual art, October 2017

+ My 5 minutes of internet fame! ;) I LOVED being a part of this- Gillette Venus’ global #UseYourAnd campaign which garnered over 21 million views; 2015.

Some words along the way, 2016- also appearing in “WILDLIGHT”:
+ only
+ two wolves (a story-journey in unexpected parts that would eventually lead to THE BOOK OF LEGEND)
+ channeled

Some works in my 2nd book “TRAVERSALS”:
+ ascetic
+ out with the old
+ jazz
+ upstate suite

+ poets in hell – inspired by poet/musician Marc Montfleury’s song

More works published in “TRAVERSALS”:

+ whenever you fall i will be there to catch you
published in great weather for MEDIA’s collection ‘Before Passing,’ Summer ’15

i study your details, & all i can do now
two prose pieces published in Wyvern Lit, Winter ’15

+ if you can’t move, let the breath move.. & fragility
two poems pub’d by Kingston University’s Words, Pauses, Noises (UK), Dec ’14

+ winter (reprise), V.XII, & becoming
three poems published in The Kitchen Poet Journal, Nov ’13

+ exceptions
published in Words Dance #14, print edition (2013)

+ kindred
published in the first REZ E-Reader, March ’13

+ sifting
published in August/September 2012 issue of Creations Magazine

+ transfiguration
published in Words Dance digital poetry magazine, 2012

‘Art of Poetry’ show produced by Empyre Media Productions, broadcast on QPTV

Keynote speaker at Celebrating Queens Women Artists 2017 (at 25:27)

Check the new blood tag on my blog! / I write a LOT on Instagram
I also have four books of poetry & prose :)


+ Two original poems written for Canvas of Words: Preserving Our Roots

poem featured in The Whiskey Dregs Magazine, 2009
(“voyage” was also featured alongside the work of Rainer Maria Rilke and Lewis Carroll [among others] in Patrice Miller’s multi-disciplinary performance piece, “Some Kind of Nature,” feat. the work of artist Julie Tremblay- April ’12)

+ for always
debuted at The Q Note’s inaugural Commas & Coffee reading

+ validation
featured in the inaugural Queens Poets & Poems Exhibit 2012

+ four pieces
published in Ins&Outs Magazine, Vol. II Issue 04

+ disassociative
published in Ins&Outs Magazine, Vol. II Issue 02

requiem (soon to be)
prose and photos – a written moment of silence for an LIC building on the chopping block; published without photos in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Newtown Literary Journal

+ circles: new year’s day 2012
prose – reflections on the year ahead, plus ever-welcome wisdom from R.W. Emerson

prose/photo piece featured in The Whiskey Dregs Magazine, 2009

written during Patricia Spears Jones workshop in Coney Island

+ My Nana, Louise Polidoro (i love you, i miss you, i love you, i miss you)
prose in tribute – the words I read at her memorial, “a life of love and laughter”

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