whenever you fall i will be there to catch you

“whenever you fall i will be there to catch you”

curl around that space inside the word.
your face has become so dark, hollow.
the further you slip, drifting in your boat without oars, collecting stars –
still, i can see you.
still, i can reach you.
your pity for yourself feels inextricable.
your crash from the high, your bones made of pieces, somehow still holding in place.
i am holding that place.
i am watching you even through veils of darkness.
i am the breath that moves the curtain as you sleep.
that’s all it is –
a curtain between these two worlds.
your life becomes a strange failure –
and you forget.
you don’t want to be here anymore.
rooted to this pain,
the thickness such that for once –
you can’t cry.
and you still want to cry.
need to cry.
for her.
for him.
for them.
what about – for you?
all these curtains and boats and flowers.
be inside the curl of the word.
it is impossible to make light without shadow.
and so on and so forth –
you know this.
like your next breath – you know this.
i am the golden rim around the edge of asphyxiation.
the moment you see out of the corners of your eyes.
touch it –
you glow.
just when you think you can’t breathe anymore –
the space in your ribcage opens to a canyon.
call your voice into it.
i need no offering but your unrest.
this moment, just as you are.
call your voice to me,
up into the heavens you don’t feel strong enough to believe in.
still, i can see you.
always – i will answer you.

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