written xmas weekend, 2017.

debuted dec 2017 at yuko kudo’s FREEDOM show, with these words about freedom spoken as a preface.



i am a child of the feather
transfiguration incarnate
they say i channel straight spirit
i’m finally full enough to believe it
at my back,
penetrating my wings
i receive symbols
of the transcendent
living this legend
is now a part of my being
and i am alive
standing straight up
breathing this mystery encircling the air
they tell me- open your hands
root into your power
don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share
there is a bridge between the worlds
between what is learned and already known
be that bridge
use your body
for the healing, for the good
place your hands on your fellow man’s heart
and let the truth of the beauty flow
there is something in our spiritual bones
interlaced within the crypt
of all that’s been buried yet all that still exists
whatever makes you feel resonant
is a clue to your own myth
there is nothing that stands unrrelated
or broken off from the shift
this is a call to
dig the depths
of the mother father split
what did you start believing along the way
that robbed you of your ability to live?
all i see is the goddess
in the alcove once empty
only filled with blue sky
i feel her arms open wider
than i have ever noticed in my life
when something speaks to you my child
you know you have to let it fly
from the ether to the mouth of you
as the wounded healer who tries
to unlearn all this sense of oppression
knowing that as things live they must die
there is a hunger at the heart of me
to speak that truth and defy
this notion of fearing i’m crazy
and what i perceive is all in my mind
i’m following that star that led the wise ones
and i’m shaking out my wings
i’m accepting all the blessings
that this wild journey brings
everything inside me screams
alchemize! for there are shamans among us too
living the word made flesh through poetry and if you feel this, so are you
rewriting the stolen pages in the holy book
the chapters that told us what was true
the actuality of who we are
all healers
who free the world by
heeding the muse

there is a force that
wants you to hear right now

there is literally nothing else creation wants you to do
but that which is perfectly exactly you.

there is NOTHING ELSE creation wants you to be
but perfectly

and the wonderful thing about this
is when the moment comes to arise
you realize you were standing on that bridge
all along
but you just had to refocus your eyes
so believe that Love can reach you
and the universe is on your side
i’m here to tell you my brothers and sisters
you are always right on time.

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