wilderness pentecostal

sometimes we need to write our own prayers <3Β 
for my first pentecost- may 20, 2018

i believe in the sanctity of life eternal
the sacredness of the body
the flame alight in heart, mind, vessel and sacred center

i believe in myself
my true holy wild self

i believe in the sound of my own name
and its kindred echoes in the universe

i believe in my life as prayer
in my blood, bones and body as prayer

i praise to the resurrection and the life
the mother father god
the wild, the infinite
the guides, messengers, shamans, wise women, prophets, angels, and saints
to our cultures, our legends, our praise and poetry
our ceremony, ritual, and expressions of faith

i believe that i am a cherished and beloved child of the earth and the spirit
in dialogue with the great mystery
forever protected in my blessed journeys and adventuring

i give thanks for the fiery resilience that is fused with my holy wild soul

i give thanks for my ability, my responsibility to walk between the realms
as a healer, messenger, teacher, priestess, winged spirit being, firekeeper and light-bearer

i give thanks for that which is written and that which is ever-changing
for choice and possibility and blessed intent

as i bow to honor myself i honor the earth, the sky, the cosmos, the four directions, my reflections
and every resonance, be it music, dance, poetry, wilderness, silence or community that has nourished my life

i am a blessed traveler of many dimensions who has chosen to incarnate at this perfect moment
i embrace my journey and its challenges, lessons, revelations, and mysteries

i praise glory be to the universe and to spirit

i align my energy with truth, beauty, kindness, bravery, patience and understanding

i give thanks for reclamation, for transfiguration and embodiment
for communion of body and spirit

i give thanks forever for the resurrection and the life
i praise glory and trust forever to the infinite regeneration of my life

to the flame I AM that will never burn out

but be held steadfast at the gateways to illuminate for self and for others these sacred paths to more joy, more mystery, more adventure, more life.

i bow with humility, gratitude, recognition of the light in me that honors the light in all things

and i give thanks to the sanctity of this moment
and praise to the infinite voice that speaks the fire of The Living Word.

selah aho ashe and amen

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