for me, curating has become inextricable with creating sanctuary, a widening circle of trust in which all are welcome to arrive as they are, push edges, experiment, return to themselves. my work now revolves around that ideal- holding the precious space that the heart and blood need to remember those things the mind often forgets.


Nature of the Muse Poster - Full

Nature of the Muse – 1/27/13

Nature of the Muse – 4/4/13

Queens Literary Town Hall – 10/18/13

Nature of the Muse – 1/30/14

Audrey Dimola's World of Words: Queens

World of Words: Queens – 4/12/14


TRAVERSALS Book Launch & Performance Party – 11/13/14


Nature of the Muse – 1/29/15


Nature of the Muse – 3/26/15


THE WILD PAPERS – workshop & multidisciplinary immersive performance, started 2015. More info here.

Associated with THE WILD PAPERS: Queens Lit in Action! “TRAVERSALS” performance & “The Wild Papers” workshop featuring writing/sensory exercises, memory sharing, and guided writing meditation- curated with funding from Poets & Writers at Queens Council on the Arts – 3/6/15

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Audrey Dimola presents MASHUPS! – 10/28/15

nature of the muse

Nature of the Muse – 11/12/15


THE RISE OF NEON REBEL: a gathering of creatives – 11/18/15




intersections of art & mental health/mental illness – 2/10/17


2017 season of Public Programs at Socrates Sculpture Park! May through October 2017 including the new festival Wildfest (“Wake up your inner explorer with a new mini-festival celebrating outdoor adventure, native folklore, and a richer relationship with the natural world!”), which was picked up in the New York Times!




WILDLIGHT book launch & performance – 3/24/18


HOW WE CREATE & HOW WE COPE at Rough Draft Festival – 4/15/18
Expanded reprise of HOW WE CREATE & HOW WE COPE: intersections of art & mental health/mental illness as part of Rough Draft Festival 2018 at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center

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2018 season of Public Programs & Arts Education at Socrates Sculpture Park!

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PROVENANCE” my first original alchemical theatre work – 12/18/18

“they say the longing becomes holy eventually 
if it doesn’t kill you first”

PROVENANCE is the intersection between the journey to love; the journey to self, which is also to god; and the journey to make peace with the darkness. 

part ritual, part poetry, part music, part movement- it is an exploration of the viscerality of want. how it drives us, transforms us. ‘the wanting creature.’ its connections to love, sex, spirit, and mental illness. and how, if we push far enough- this grief-filled longing becomes ecstatic, transcendent, holy- a means for return to true self, a return to god.


NATURE OF THE MUSE – 6 year anniversary! 1/27/19

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Music, poetry, comedy & community sharing showcases:

NEIGHBORHOOD MIXTAPE at Chateau Le Woof – began Dec ’17

THE WIDENING CIRCLE at Communitea – began Jan ’18

Creative Reframing

The latest in the evolution of mental health space-holding – A PRAYER TO SEE + BE SEEN: Creative reframing for mental health, featuring experiential resource sharing and screening of the 2017 documentary “CRAZYWISE” – 10/10 & 10/12/19

2019 season of Public Programs & Arts Education at Socrates Sculpture Park!

How To Convert Your Life Into Legend: Inside the Hero’s Journey – workshop/presentation hosted by the Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA) – 11/16/20. [recording here]

For The Depths of Us – performance-walk and ritual for Works on Water’s Water Connectors 2022 – 6/25/22.

Works on Water’s Water Connectors is a series of six neighborhood-based temporary public art projects that connect NYC communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change with their waterfront, and with each other. I worked with my Kin to the Cove collaborator, dancer/choreographer Christopher Bisram to weave this experience:

In the late 1800s a body of water that ran through Ravenswood to the East River was buried underground to make way for increasing industrialization. What in us has been buried in the name of progress– what have we sent down into the dark? Kin To The Cove artists Christopher Bisram and Audrey di Mola lead a neighborhood performance-walk tracing the path of Sunswick Creek down to the Cove, woven with personal and collective mythologies in the form of dance, storytelling, song, and ritual. What can be recovered when we make the ecological practice of “daylighting” a stream, metaphorical? What can be found, inside us, out of the Depths?

See also:

MEANWHILE, BACK IN QUEENS…” local program (featuring local writers & reading series/literary organizations) of the Queens Poet Laureate’s 2014 ETERNiDAY festival at Queens Museum – 3/15/14

UNSTAGED: A Playwrighting & Performance Experiment for LaGuardia Performing Arts Center’s Rough Draft Festival 2014, co-curated with Tyler Rivenbark – 3/28/14

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