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Working in Story with Audrey Dimola on Writing Remix: A Podcast about Language, Art, and Pedagogy [Jan ’21]
In Episode 43, we talk to poet and teller-healer Audrey Dimola about radical mental health, ecological wellness, and working with archetypal stories and myths to foster healing, personal growth, and community.
“Be[ing] adaptable [is] what I think is going to carry us forward. That’s one of the things that should come out of this time of breaking this container of all of these habitual patterns and this grind and the narratives that we’ve been running along with… How do we get back to presence? How do we understand? How do we adapt? Shapeshift?”

+ The Wild Truth (ep. 140) – my interview on Vijay R. Nathan’s Truth To Power show, covering mythic mental health, the two wolves legend, and more… [Sept ’20]

+ Local Express interview (again!) – Queens Gazette [June ’20]

+ Socrates Sculpture Park – Park Profile! for National Poetry Month [April ’20]

Full/original version:

1. What is your relationship to the Park and how has it evolved over time?
I grew up and lived most of my life two blocks away from Socrates, so I’ve been playing, dreaming, writing, and running around in the Park since I was a little girl (thanks to my parents for taking us there!). In my high school and college years it became a cherished safe space of solace that I could come to in every season to sit by the river and ‘just be’ with my life and what I was celebrating or going through. I turned 30 in 2016, which was serendipitously the same year Socrates turned 30, and I was looking for ‘THE’ job– the one that would allow me to do my ‘heart-work,’ be myself, work outside, and engage constantly and creatively with the public and with multidisciplinary art practices. The adventure began that summer when I was chosen for a seasonal position as Public Programs Coordinator, and unexpectedly had the great fortune and opportunity to take over as Director of Public Programs in 2017. It’s now four years later– and working for Socrates has truly been one of the greatest gifts, joys, and generative challenges of my life.

2. When did your interest in poetry begin and how?
Like my relationship to Socrates– I’ve been writing poetry since I was a kid. I’m proudly NYC public schooled and was always so encouraged by my teachers (I’m also a Long Island City High school alum!) and especially my mom. That love of reading, writing, and creating has never left me, and post-college in my early twenties I returned to performing my own poetry and began to curate free events, performances, and gatherings in Queens and NYC mixing spoken word, music, art, theatre, and interactive improvisational components. This desire to share my own journey while bringing people together to share theirs in a supportive and open way has propelled me to embrace the fullness of myself– not only as a poet and artist, but as a community connector and space-holder. Art, and expression, are what binds us– and I would not have eventually ended up at Socrates if I didn’t choose that as my driving force. No matter what I was doing or what other day-jobs I was working, I held art as my lifeline and created my world and my connections outward, from that center. (To anyone reading– seriously– follow the resonance of your “heart-work”! Extraordinary things happen…)

3. How does poetry inform your work at the Park if at all?
For me poetry is the language of alchemy, of vision and transformation of form– and the most natural and fluid language that I can speak. Since childhood I’ve seen the world in metaphors and symbols, with deeper meaning behind everything. Poetry reminds me that I can choose to see my life like this and engage with it in this way– and that ultimately it’s up to each of us to create the meaning that imbues our lives with purpose, hope, connection, truth. Socrates to me is a living poem, began by spirited fellow poetry lover Mark di Suvero and his group of artists, planners, and dreamers– and it is added to moment by moment, year by year, by the people, pets, families, performers, and creators who continue to come together here.

4. Anything else you want to share?
The living poetry of this place is also enlivened by the exceptional seasonal youth staff of education and event managers that I’ve shared this journey with– their huge hearts and inquisitive minds have changed my life and my relation to the Park. Likewise, the beautiful Socrates partners turned friends and members of our community I’ve gotten to know over the years through running Public Programs– your stories keep the spirit of Socrates alive and well. For all of us– please know that though we are distanced at this moment, the roots of our connectedness run deeply and richly. Thank you and I miss you!

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+ Telling my stories for the archives (!!) of Queens Library’s Queens Memory Project [Oct ’18]

+ Featured in Nancy Ruhling’s series “Astoria Characters” as “The BFF of Socrates Sculpture Park” (on her website as well as print/online of LIC Journal) [Aug ’18]

+ Featured on poetry webshow “Poetry in the Park” with an interview and live performances of two of my poems, ‘bridgewalker‘ and ‘lazarus was a house on fire (WOMAN)‘ [Jul ’18]

+ Featured in the 3rd annual ‘Celebrating Queens Women Artists’ which was broadcast on Queens Public TV/QPTV by Empyre Productions [Jun ’18]

+ Featured on It’s In Queens podcast [May ’18]

This week Rob and Chris welcome writer, poet, performer, singer and of course Director of Public Programs at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Audrey Dimola. They talk about the multitude of programs coming to Socrates Sculpture Park including movie nights, art installations, yoga, tai chi, farmers market and more. The crew touches on some events happening in Queens this week including a ragtime tribute concert at St.Michael’s in East Elmhurst, a ton of activities in Long Island City including the Wizard of Oz and painted canoes, two Queens Symphony Orchestra performances, the folks at King Manor kicking it old school and bringing it new school as well, a Flushing Town Hall global mash up and finish up with some more information on Audrey. She is a published author and her latest book of poetry and prose is called Wildlight. Available through her website and coming to an independent bookstore near you.

+ Featured on mental health podcast Me2RadioZone [May ’18]

Listen to the episode: #AwarenessIsEmpathy

May is Mental Health Awareness month and Alex and Keys had the dopest experience with mental health advocate Audrey Dimola! Audrey, a Queens native, is a powerhouse and a constant stand for the mental health community in addition to being a self published author. Shit gets real when Audrey takes it there with a powerful, authentic piece from her new book “Wildlight”. Follow us on IG and FB @Me2RadioZone to see what your mental health crusaders are up. Join the movement!

+ Featured on NYC Geek Society’s NYC Geek Podcast #3 (Poetry & Discussion) [April ’18]

Audrey Dimola comes in to discuss her book “Wildlight: Poetry and Prose From Inside the Fire”. Jon reads an excerpt from the book, which is a catalyst to a discussion about the metaphysical / physical realms, heartbreak, travel, and philosophy.

+ Featured as part of Queenscapes’ #CapturedinQueens series (website and Instagram) in collaboration for How We Create & How We Cope: intersections of art & mental health/mental illness [April ’18]

+ Featured as It’s in Queens #PickoftheWeek: “Artistic event addresses mental illness” about How We Create & How We Cope reprising at Rough Draft Festival 2018 [April ’18]

+ Promo video for How We Create & How We Cope on LaGuardia Performing Arts Center’s Black Chair Series for Rough Draft Festival 2018 [April ’18]

+ Keynote speaker at Celebrating Queens Women Artists 2017, broadcast on QPTV (at 25:27) [July ’17]

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+ My new Socrates festival Wildfest picked up in the New York Times’ New York Today! [May ’17]


+ Interviewed for an article about Socrates Sculpture Park’s history, future, and upcoming 2017 season of free public programming, published in print in BORO Magazine and online at [April ’17]

+ Article about my Compass Project guerrilla poetry sticker initiative on The sisSTAR Loop for National Poetry Month [April ’17]
“Poet and Author, Audrey Dimola is one of Queens’ art and literary gems, and chances are you may have seen her live at a poetry open mic in Astoria or Long Island City, curate or host various literary events, read one or both of her poetry books, recognized her on NY1, seen her in action as Director of Public Programs at Socrates Sculpture Park, or come across her original prose via her guerrilla stickers all over New York City. The stickers are part of Dimola’s Compass Project which she launched in 2012 as a way of releasing her work into the wild, as one of her stickers state Stay Wild, Stay Grateful. The Compass Project stickers have gone far and wide since its 2012 release, starting in Dimola’s backyard of Queens and spreading to other cities including Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, and abroad to Niagara Falls, London, and Seoul, South Korea…”

+ Article about my event “How We Create & How We Cope” on, “Astoria event examines mental health and its impact on artistic expression” [Feb ’17]

+ Interviewed on International Women Artists’ Salon’s Salon Radio discussing my event “How We Create & How We Cope” and more (listen to the recording by visiting, clicking “Listen to Archived Shows,” clicking the folder icon, and going to International Women Artists’ Salon 2-2-17)

+ Interviewed for feature story, “Curating Magic in Queens,” in Idlewild Magazine’s 8th issue [Oct ’16]
“Audrey Dimola stands as a beacon for the literary and artistic community in Queens. She’s been hugely successful in uniting the community in her native borough and once you’ve met her, it is easy to see why. Her dynamic energy and passion for life shine through…”

+ Featured in Dark Mountain Project (UK)’s “Uncivilised Poetics” issue with my guerrilla sticker project, The Compass Project [Oct ’16]

+ Featured on QPTV/Queens Public TV (@ 11:57) in Empyre Media Production’s episode of “Celebrating Queens Women Artists” at Queens Council on the Arts [June ’16]

+ Article on the debut of my MASHUPS! event in Queens Courier/ [Oct ’15]

+ Quoted in DNAinfo NY article about the 1st annual Queens Lit Fest at LIC Bar [July ’15]

+ Featured on Empyre Media Productions TV episode “Art of Poetry” cablecast on QPTV & online- performing live and discussing TRAVERSALS, poetry for everyone, THE WILD PAPERS, my guerrilla poetry stickers, the importance of wildness & the unexpected, & more [June ’15]

+ Featured on the Latimer House blog with my comrades on the first night we spent at the house conceiving THE WILD PAPERS show set for May 9th [April ’15]

+ Featured in Astoria Stand Up Harmony Session, ‘Audrey & the Sound of the Universe’ [April ’14]

+ Featured on the very special mürmur podcast, a conversation between two strangers – discussing wildness, being remembered, impossible dreams, crazy jobs, the impetus behind “The Wild Papers,” Compass Project stickering, reading from “TRAVERSALS” and everything in between [Mar ’15]

+ Featured poet in Gillette Venus’ 2015 global #UseYourAnd campaign (reposted video- the original official posting garnered over 21 million views) [Jan ’15]

+ Interview on NY1 about my second book “TRAVERSALS” and Queens’ role in the arts [Jan ’15]

+ Local Express feature interview in Queens Gazette [Dec ’14]

+ Interview in Queens Library publication “Enrich Your Life” (pg.11) [Dec ’14]

+ Article from Give Me Astoria on “TRAVERSALS” and the book release [Nov ’14]

+ Interview: “LIC poet set to release 2nd book” in LIC Courier Magazine & Queens Courier [Oct ’14]

+ Interview on Beauty, Brains & Blogging as a Canvas of Words’ Preserving Our Roots Poet [Sept ’14]

+ Feature interview on The Arts & Music’s “Breaking Ground” [Aug ’14]

+ Q&A interview upon being featured in 3Po3try NYC’s Hot House event [July ’14]

+ Featured as Human of the Week (Audrey Dimola, the Arts Queen of Astoria) on Give Me Astoria [May ’14]

+ Q&A interview for curating/performing at Queens Council on the Arts’ Block Party in Kaufman Arts District [May ’14]

+ Interviewed/performed on International Women Artists’ Salon’s Salon Radio: keeping the fires lit! [May ’14]

+ Q&A interview upon becoming one of the new hosts for The Inspired Word [April ’14]

+ Article/interview in The Forum Queens about my literary efforts and World of Words: Queens at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center [March ’14]

+ Video interview for Poetry Teachers NYC in conjunction with their Unveiling Arrival reading [March ’14]

+ Interview & photos in (now-defunct) glitter and doom, a website dedicated to the everyday creative [Jan ’14]

+ Unlikely Blonde reviews my book “Decisions We Make While We Dream” [Nov ’13]

+ Interview in BORO Magazine about the 1st ever Queens Literary Town Hall [Oct ’13]

+ Article on DNAinfo New York on the 1st ever Queens Literary Town Hall [Oct ’13]

+ Interview on NY1 about the 1st ever Queens Literary Town Hall & the growing Queens literary community [Oct ’13]

+ Article on Flavorpill’s Flavorwire featuring my Compass Project in a roundup of worldwide guerrilla poetry projects [July ’13]

Interview as Featured Artist on local collective Mission to (dit)MARS’ website [March ’13]

+ Review of my first Nature of the Muse event on Eric Hathaway’s Sometime in Long Island City blog [Jan ’13]

+ Article on DNAinfo New York about my first Nature of the Muse event [Jan ’13]

Spotlight Article about my Compass Project on HerHattan NYC [March ’12]

Interview about music, writing, and rocking out on The Joy of Violent Movement, writer/photographer William Ruben Helms’ blog [Jul ’10]

“Ten Questions” interview about local arts and culture on Sugarzine, a Queens web-mag [Jul ’09]



+ Quoted in Queens Chronicle article about Queens Poet Laureate’s ETERNiDAY fest [March ’13]

Quoted in article about Boundless Tales Reading Series in Astoria [Oct ’13]

+ Public speaking at the hearing to save my high school, Long Island City High School, from turnaround/closure [April ’12]

Quoted in NY Daily News article about The Q Note’s inaugural Commas & Coffee reading [Feb ’11]

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