Church of the Sacred Body


this show is a call to honoring our bodies, the sacredness in sensuality and sexuality, healing and releasing trauma in our bodies, letting the body speak its truth, uncensored.

during a ritual experience this phrase called to me:

and i am honored to hold space so we can create just that: powerful souls share their true stories, word made flesh, transformative transcendence of the body, honored together.

featuring wild spirits, sharing & performing:
Dina Gregory
Wendy Angulo
Allison Sylvia
Candice Georgis
Lucy Torres
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson
Kristine Wilson + Adam Young
Juliana Carr
Jennifer Cogburn
Emily Randall
Audrey Wildfire Dimola

poetry, storytelling, ritual, TRUTH.

women and men and souls of all identification are WELCOME
this is a safe, sacred, respectful space we are creating

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