How We Create & How We Cope

SOLD OUT event at Queens Council on the Arts- February 2017

intersections of art & mental health/mental illness

Queens native and poet/curator Audrey Dimola hosts a discussion and performance evening aiming for safe space, honest talk, and open presentations about the too-often stigmatized topic of mental illness, particularly in connection to the creative experience.

Throughout our cultural history, many of the legendary artists we know today grappled in this way- yet it becomes a passing line in their bio, a tragic footnote; and their brilliant work remains. In the present day, an increasing number of individuals of all ages are struggling in similar fashion, frequently in silence and shame, for fear of judgment and unanswered questions.

How much of how we suffer makes us who we are and results in the art we create? How much of these feelings are the natural experience of the artist, and when is it time to seek help? What do those forms of help look like?

A variety of local featured artists will present their stories, poetry, visual art, and more, in addition to facilitated discussion, Q&A, and sharing of resources/experiences on these topics.

Steven Licardi
Tessa Kennedy
Sydney Hartlove
Richie Alexandro
Connie Murray
Carrie Noel
Sana Hussain
Bryan Bruner
Alicen Grey
Kelly Isaacs
Louie KR.ONE Gasparro
Deborah Emin
Nancy Bruce
Kymberly Nolden
Belinda Mims
Olena Marukhnyak
Jonathan Cherlin
Lauren Biniaris
& more contributions in the moment

All are welcome, your voice is encouraged.

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