As part of the LaGuardia Performing Arts Centerโ€™s Rough Draft Festival 2014, UNSTAGED: A PLAYWRIGHTING & PERFORMANCE EXPERIMENT is an all-day installation blending performance and audience to create immersive theatre in site-specific locations throughout LaGuardia Community College!

On March 28th, 2014 from 3-9pm, join co-curators Audrey Dimola and Tyler Rivenbark, along with other playwrights and performers as they crack open the theatrical process and allow the audience to participate.

Ten playwrights will be paired with small groups of performers to write, rehearse, and stage individual short plays LIVE ON THE SPOT! Each part of the process will happen before your eyes, inspired by the space, the audience, and random interactions. At any given moment, a play will be written and rehearsed while another will be performed in separate areas of the college.

Attendees (that’s YOU!) are invited to migrate from location to location over the course of the free-form event, observing and interacting with the playwrights and performers, helping to mold each new work. In addition, all of the playwrights will contribute to two communal plays, which will be written and projected (on a wall!) in real-time throughout the event.

The main event will end around 8:30pm at which point we will all reconvene in LaGuardia Performing Arts Center’s Little Theatre for a reading of the communal plays, Q&A, and most importantly to celebrate all participants with some food & drink! You’re all invited!


Sarah Duncan
Blair Fell
Lisa Huberman
Jonathan Kravetz
Felipe Ossa
Mark Pagan
Nick Radu
Josh Rivedal
Tyler Rivenbark
Alexis Sottile

Daniel Adams
Josh Bardier
Jane Beller
Diana Benigno
John Cosentino
Audrey Dimola
Amanda Dolan
Sarah Kit Farrell
Amanda LaPergola
Ian McDonald
Malini Singh McDonald
Fernando Torres

More info about LPAC’s epic, innovative, exploratory Rough Draft Festival 2014 and the other amazing events that are a part of it:

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