This was tonight – what I scribbled in my notebook as I walked over the entirety of the Queensboro Bridge for the first time…

(ps – happy, happy, HAPPIEST spring)



there is something to be said for the PROMISE of this moment – walking over the queensboro bridge alone at night – cars whizzing past, cerulean expanse dotted with infinite beacons of light – i feel it – opening up, and i break out into a run, smiling so hard i nearly cry, breathing cold air into beating heart, gazing upwards to moon glowing in hazy cloud-smoke between turrets of dizzying urban ingenuity, and this – i breathe, i feel, i KNOW – this is LIVING. this is my one precious life. everything inside me is rushing forward and i just want to fling my arms out in the spirit of perpetual motion and HOWL from the depths of me, but i just – marvel, marvel, marvel…

i am here.

i am enough.


Author: audrey di mola

sacred troublemaker; wildlight // rest + stay awake [...]

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