Nature of the Muse – exciting, inspiring, just the beginning

Fireside with booker/musician/curator Gus Rodriguez & musical guest Ace Elijah

it is true that because of my doubts and anxieties i only believe in fire. […] life. fire. being myself on fire i set others on fire. never death. fire and life. –anaïs nin

Well, ladies and gents – we did it. I am so thrilled with the debut of “Nature of the Muse”!

THANK YOU to my wonderful and talented writers, Gus for encouraging me and giving the event a home, Ace for playing your gorgeous tunes, everyone who supported me and promoted the event, and of course the fantastic audience who wrote prompts, soaked in the atmosphere, laughed a lot, and packed the house (!!!) that night.

You can view the full program HERE.

There are so many moments frozen in my memory – all the laughter, my parents in the front row, making a toast to “fire and life” right before we began, on and on.. I am so grateful. And we are doing it AGAIN!

SAVE THE DATE! The next Nature of the Muse will be Thursday, April 4th @ 7:30pm, same place by the fire at LIC Bar! Squeezing one more toasty reading in before the Spring – more details to come! But first…

Lovely NZ/UK blogger and LIC transplant Eric Hathaway interviewed me and then wrote a great review of the show, complete with sound clips of all performers – please check it out HERE on his blog, Sometime in Long Island City! Here again is also the great piece Jeanmarie Evelly did for right before the event. Thank you both!


Everyone in the audience wrote a random writing prompt on a slip of paper and I tossed them all into a bag. Then while one writer got up to read their previously written work, another writer took a random prompt and went downstairs to write. Each writer ended up having 10 mins or less to write, and then had to present their work to the audience at the end of the event, no matter what it was or what it sounded like. Quite a fun and sometimes unnerving experiment – thank you all for being so brave! ;)

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Jan 27 fireside reading & live writing event, hosted by me!

Flyer by my amazing pal Mike Else!

I’m so excited to finally say this is a reality!

I’m throwing (and hosting) my first literary event which features reading AND live writing from all Queens writers… Did I mention it’s by the FIRE?! Literally – in the amazing, cozy carriage house at the back of LIC Bar, which has a lovely stone fireplace!

Here we go!

Audrey Dimola presents:

Nature of the Muse
a reading & live writing event

Sunday, January 27th
doors @ 6:30pm (event is 1hr & a half)
FIRESIDE at LIC Bar’s carriage house!

and now featuring special musical guest ACE ELIJAH!

At this cozy (indoor) fireside literary event, you’ll be treated to two sides of each local Queens writer’s talent: their traditional/polished poetry and prose work, but ALSO what they can churn out on the spot – yes, live writing!

You, the audience, will have the opportunity to contribute a writing prompt to the pool – each writer will receive a random prompt and have to write from it on the spot (as you would at a writing workshop), and present to the audience at the end.

Sound fun? Join us!

Michael Stahl
Sweta Srivastava Vikram
Carrie Noel
Michael Alpiner

hosted by Audrey Dimola
(who will also be doing a prompt, to be fair!)

and with much thanks to Gus Rodriguez!

No cover – 1 drink minimum


**if you like the idea of multi-disciplinary collaboration, creative improvisation, or reading/performing your work in general at a future ‘Nature of the Muse’ event please email (not limited to writers either – musicians, playwrights, actors, etc!)


I’d also like to take this opportunity to say how absolutely GRATEFUL I am to have gotten so much love and support for this event – thank you to everyone who is planning on attending, spreading the word, and of course writing articles! Please take a look, like them on FB, join their mailing lists, and get your local news from them: BOROWe Heart AstoriaLIC Spot, LIC Partnership, Discover Queens (who generously posted on Yelp and QueensNYC), as well as Eric Hathaway (forthcoming!) and Jeanmarie Evelly of who both interviewed me. Jeanmarie’s article, “Queens improv literary event to put local writers on the spot” (!!!) is HERETHANK YOU!