…the indomitable wave, the current of the universe – let it crash on our sorrows, our wounded memories, and our ghosts. dissolve all spirits save for those that tell of our true worth, our infinite soul. you are only bound by the past, by empty comparisons, by your history – until you realize the key and the lock are one and the same – open your hands…

There are no words for the feeling of holding your first book in your own hands. I am so beyond proud and thrilled to announce my first book of poetry and prose, DECISIONS WE MAKE WHILE WE DREAM, is finally COMPLETE!

I started the process of putting together this collection in late 2010, and now, on what would have been my Nana’s 66th birthday – it’s ready to share with you all. It’s all original poetry and prose written by me, from 2000 to the present.

I can’t express how important this book is and how much it means to me.. But I want to wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you who has helped or supported me on the journey to this moment, and of course anyone and everyone who offered kind words and congratulations, and expressed interest in owning a copy of their own.

My original hand-colored rainbow wings and the final product with amazing cover designed by Miss Heidi Hernandez!

CLICK HEREΒ to learn more and pick up a copy!

I’m signing and numbering each one and shipping them out myself. D.I.Y. till I die! It’s 76 pages, softcover and perfect bound with a sky blue spine (my favorite color). This is a direct manifestation of dreams.. I saw myself holding this book in my hands, and now it’s finally here.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Nanny.. I miss you every single day and I love you up to the sky!

And here’s to dreams… Always.