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#poetsinthewildnyc was a project for National Poetry Month 2014!

Literally putting classic and contemporary poets from all languages and backgrounds into the wild in NYC – via sharpie.


day 1– from ‘granite & wineglass’ by rumi; court sq stop, LIC

Hermann Hesse

day 2– from ‘the living word’ by hesse; classon ave stop, bklyn

Pablo Neruda

day 3– from ‘sonnet XVII’ by pablo neruda; queensboro plaza, LIC


day 4– from ‘now is the time’ by hafiz; classon ave stop, bklyn

Tina Chang

day 5– from ‘tiny souls’ by tina chang; r train

Mary Oliver

day 6– from ‘wild geese’ by mary oliver; court sq station window, LIC

Walt Whitman

day lucky 7– from ‘song of myself’ by whitman; steinway st, astoria

Rainer Maria Rilke

day 8– from original version of the tenth elegy in rilke’s duino elegies; jackson ave, LIC 


day 9– from ‘the angel of healing: for the living, the dying, & the praying’ by aberjhani; 11th st, LIC 


day 10, one of my all time faves- from ‘friend, hope for the guest while you are alive’ by kabir; off 11th st, LIC

Langston Hughes

day 11– probably the first poem that ever spoke to me.. fittingly- ‘dreams’ by langston hughes, on broadway in astoria

e.e. cummings

day 12– from ‘i will wade out’ by e.e. cummings; 47th rd, LIC

Alfred Tennyson

day 13– from ‘ulysses’ by tennyson; 11th st, LIC

Audrey Dimola

day 14– only time i’ll do this in this series.. but here’s one from me. today marks two months with this crazy beautiful texan boy who has filled my world with briliant color. ‘something incredble is happening, like atoms splitting or a first breath..’ the first piece i wrote about us the day we met up again, and nothing would ever be the same.. classon ave stop, bklyn

William Wordsworth

day 15– from ‘ode: intimations of immortality’ by wordsworth; 21st st van alst stop, LIC

Jack Gilbert

day 16– from ‘failing and flying’ by jack gilbert; 50th ave & 11th, LIC. one of my favorite sentiments.. ‘everyone forgets that icarus also flew […] anything worth doing is worth doing badly’

Saroya Marsh

day 17– from ‘stay’ by saroya marsh; court sq M/R stop, LIC

Dylan Thomas

day 18– from ‘do not go gentle into that good night’ by dylan thomas; near 50th & 11th, LIC

William Ernest Henley

day 19– from ‘invictus’ by william ernest henley; pulaski bridge, LIC

Tracy K. Smith

day 20, hoppy easter, my new fave quote- from tracy k. smith’s ‘don’t you wonder, sometimes?’; pulaski bridge, LIC

Derek Walcott

day 21– from ‘love after love’ by derek walcott; bway & 12th, astoria/LIC

Thomas Fucaloro

day 22– from ‘life is a circle to the squares and the squares of the squares or…’ by thomas fucaloro; around 44th drive, LIC

Rosebud Ben-Oni

day 23– from ‘the reply of sal si puedes’ by rosebud ben-oni; court sq stop, LIC

Martin Espada

day 24– from ‘epiphany’ by martin espada; around 44th dr, LIC

Carolyn Forche

day 25– from ‘the lightkeeper’ by carolyn forche; queens plaza station, LIC. ‘you taught me to live like this./ that after death it would be as it was before we were born. nothing/ to be afraid. nothing but happiness as unbearable as the dread/ from which it comes. go toward the light always. be without ships.’

Li-Young Lee

day 26– from ‘from blossoms’ by li-young lee; steps of blackwell house, roosevelt island

Antonio Machado

day 27– from ‘sorrow, it is not true that i know you’ by antonio machado; roosevelt island

Stephane Mallarme

day 28– from ‘sea breeze’ by stephane mallarme; roosevelt island bridge

Arthur Rimbaud

day 29– from ‘to a reason’ by arthur rimbaud; 9th & vernon, LIC. ‘come from always, you will go away everywhere..’

Safiel Vonay

day 30– from ‘motivation’ by safiel vonay; off 11th st, LIC. ~FIN!~

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  1. Thanks for capturing this. I link to you on Facebook; I’ve just discovered “Sorrow it is not true that I know you … “

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