Wild Body Dreaming at VSAIA

WILD BODY DREAMING: Letting The Stories Lead Us

Friday, October 21 – 6-8pm @ Valley Spirit Acupuncture + Internal Arts in Beacon, NY

$15 – RSVP to audrey.dimola at gmail.com

Join storyteller + sacred space-holder Audrey di Mola for a deep + dynamic evening of mythic restoration/re-story-ation, communal sharing, and listening with our bodies.

It is only in recent history that stories became ‘just for kids.’ The ancestral stories, told in the oral tradition, were what carried us through rites of passage, long winters, deep uncertainty, and The Unthinkable. They are woven with humor, grief, beauty, transformation, and Healing– and their ancient earthen energies have been helping us move through and with the trouble and mystery of our lives for thousands of years.

During this gathering at VSAIA– we’ll practice listening with our whole body to the stories (which choose to be told in that moment!), and after each will ‘feed the story’ to be in right relationship with the nourishment we received. Where do we find ourselves in the story? What announced itself in our bodies to tell us that?

We’ll also weave in some light intuitive sojourns into our own mythic realms, sharing with each other where we go and who we meet. This is a playful, easeful space to Receive– of no ‘right’ answers and no pressure to ‘think’ or ‘know what it means.’ Let yourself Be Dreamed!


Audrey di Mola is a NYC-born storyteller, writer/artist, creative facilitator and sacred space-holder who has been adventuring Upstate since childhood. The regenerative, healing forces of Earth and Story saved her life, and in dedication to this gift– her mythopoetic heart-work, dubbed ‘Folkloric Futurism,’ offers wondrous embodied experiences with the old stories in the oral tradition as well as journeys into the urban mythic and our own personal legends. For nearly 15 years, Audrey has been lovingly gathering souls to safely and artistically explore their inner and outer landscapes, hosting and curating many multidisciplinary events such as ‘Nature of the Muse’ and ‘How We Create & How We Cope: Intersections of Art & Mental Health,’ as well as countless outdoor happenings at Socrates Sculpture Park, where she served as Director of Public Programs from 2016-2021. She holds the mythic ‘both/and space’ of depth and play, warming light and fertile dark, and is looking forward to meeting you during one of her much-adored sojourns to the Beacon Lofts! Find her online atΒ audreydimola.comΒ or on IG @audreydimola.

Flyer by April Dimola <3

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