Music Mini-Documentary

Ins&Outs’ local music mini-documentary (featuring Astoria Music & Arts), ‘Live Local, Rock Local.’

Directed & edited by Camilo Quiroz
Interviews & voice-over by Audrey Dimola
Cameras by Camilo Quiroz & Eric Sanchez

This Ins&Outs mini-documentary is something I’m extremely proud of. It captures a particular moment in time concerning a particular group of people who were (and still are) joining together to promote and support the ever-growing (but oft-neglected) music scene in Astoria/LIC, Queens. I did all of the interviews myself, and off-the-cuff — including the set of 6 people in a row (Justin Finley, Gus Rodriguez, Rob Prichard, George Rallis, Ran Craycraft, and John Butera) during the Dominie’s Hoek Meet & Greet.

Here’s the description I wrote for Ins&Outs:

“With this Ins&Outs mini-documentary, I&O takes you back to the last three months of 2008 and captures a particular group of people, places, and musicians that form a part of this ever-expanding music scene in Astoria and Long Island City. Specifically, I&O covers Astoria Music & Arts’ December 27th Rock n’ Crawl, a 3-venue live music crawl along 30th Ave. in Astoria, and the networking event that preceded it — the AM&A Meet & Greet at Dominie’s Hoek in LIC on October 26th. Watch bands like Little Embers, Bliminal, and Seize Them! play live during the Rock n’ Crawl, as well as interviews from the Meet & Greet with the individuals who have dedicated their time and energy to showing NYC what QUEENS has to offer, including those associated with venues like LIC Bar, Hell Gate Social, and the Queensbridge Theatre, and the founders of organizations like Astoria Music & Arts and Why Leave Astoria?! Ins&Outs would like to send a huge THANK YOU out to all of the featured bands & artists and everyone who took the time to speak with us. This is all about us coming together — artists, musicians, media, venue owners, Astoria/LIC residents to spread the word about the amazing things that are happening here, and the people who are working hard to make it happen. Stay tuned, because the story continues, & as always.. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC! ”

Part I:

Part II:

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