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Nicole Atkins & the Sea

Mini-review of Nicole Atkins & the Sea for ‘Flash’ section:

On June 17, critically acclaimed New Jersey-born songstress Nicole Atkins and her talented band, the Sea (Daniel Chen, Dave Hollinghurst, Dan Mintzer, Derek Layes) played a spectacular free show in Socrates Sculpture Park for a large crowd gathered on the grass. The strength and beauty of Nicole’s voice was immediately apparent – her songs sounded especially lovely on this simple night in the park. Referring to music as “the only thing that interests me, truly,” Nicole recalls wanting to create a sound with “that kind of dark, romantic, nostalgic element.” After joking about how she was “adopted” by the pizza guy up the block, who asked her when she had moved into the neighborhood (her response: “today!”), it seems this Jersey girl was certainly welcomed by all who came to hear her sing in LIC.

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