It all counts.

Today (well – yesterday, now) was a new beginning for so many things, and a welcome honoring of where I’ve been. The journey, the journey. Oh, the journey.. Happy Lucky Friday the 13th.

So much wisdom has been popping up everywhere. If we take the time to see the signs..

Amazing articles in the latest Creations Magazine:

“The lesson to be learned here is that when your redefining moments pop up, be prepared to go where you had no plans on going – because that is where your bliss awaits you.” –Dennis Merritt Jones

“Desire directs energy, and when you are clear about your desires, you are more precise in your creative aim. When you know what you want, you can have better boundaries around how you spend your time. […] There is power in practice.” –Tami Lynn Kent

“Whether we consciously recognize it or not, we are shadows and the light, we are our left-brains and our right. We are the summation of all things and we bring our best into the world when we simultaneously toggle back and forth between it all.” – David M. Howitt

“Recall your childhood: groups of young children playing together, exploring, curious about everything, giggling in wide-eyed wonderment. Compare that picture to a group of typical adults commuting in cars or trains or buses or subways: dull faces gazing unseeingly straight ahead, emotionless. What have they lost? When did they lose it? And can they get it back? Remember that one day, you will be sitting on that proverbial rocking chair on some front porch or veranda, maybe overlooking the ocean, and a stranger will sit down beside you and politely ask: ‘So, what did you do with your life?’ What will you say? The stakes are high. The price of unhappiness is steep. And life is short.” – Henry S. Miller

And a wonderful newsletter email from my talented friend Josh Rivedal, from his BLOGospel According to Josh (my story will be appearing in his Good News Project book soon, too!) with a perfectly apt subject line: WHAT YOU ALLOW IS WHAT WILL CONTINUE. “You may not be as ‘safe’ walking this tightrope toward the change you desire… but you certainly are free (not ‘freer’ but simply ‘free’). Your efforts as a change agent for self, will be regarded and duly noted by others – and will allow them the audacity and courage to become a change agent for their own self. […] Choose yourself. Nothing is impossible. Slip that little apostrophe in and add a little space: I’m Possible. Damn it, it’s the truth.” 

Everything is a sign, a sign. And the smallest movement MATTERS. My sweet partner illustrated this to me so patiently and beautifully.. Here’s some words of my own from last night/this morning:

if you can’t move, let the breath move..

if you can’t be the ship, be the oar.
if you can’t be the oar, be the compass.
if you can’t be the compass, be the slightest stirring
in the voyager’s heart that told him –
i will not waste this day like all the others.
if you can’t be the voyager, be the faintest flickering
of the arrow magnetized towards whatever is greater –
whatever you can see in that last moment,
with your eyes widened and the water in your lungs –
that suddenly makes you forget how to drown.

the smallest movement matters.
one shift toward home is precious,
even if you’re dragging yourself there –
hand over hand, finger over finger,
chipped and bloody – stunned senseless
from the sheer force of your forgetting.
don’t you remember? – reading, writing:
“there is a light that never goes out.”
there is a piece of you that cannot forget
the first bloom of god on man’s tongue
acknowledging himself, too, as infinite.
be courageous in your darkness.
the beginning of becoming took shape
with one pure cry to heaven,

open your mouth and you
will find the words. -ajd

There is always light splitting through the cracks in the darkness. And I give thanks.. So much thanks.

One foot in front of the other,




– Hosting the last Boundless Tales reading of the season 6/19/14 [Facebook]

– Canvas of Words Open Mic Series KICKS OFF! 6/20/14 [Facebook]

– Performing & curating for the Queens Council on the Arts Block Party at Kaufman Arts District 6/21/14 [Website]

– Hosting the new Reading Series at Atlas Park (hopefully on the terrace!) 6/26/14 [Facebook]

– Hosting Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word in Queens 7/2/14 (& 7/30/14) [Facebook]

– Performing at QNSMADE exhibition & launch party at QCA’s 3rd Space 7/18/14 [Website]

– Performing at 3Po3try NYC Presents Hot House: A Summer Poetry Extravaganza 7/31/14 [Facebook]


“In thunderstorms it will arrive. I have the feeling often, meanwhile,
It is better to sleep, since the Guest comes so seldom;
We waste our life waiting, and I haven’t the faintest idea
How to act or talk… in the lean years who needs poets?
But poets as you say are like the holy disciple of the Wild One
Who used to stroll over the fields through the whole divine night.” -Holderlin


They are an LIC institution – an accessible, experimental, open-hearted and open-minded art/event/co-working space and haven for artists and awesome people of all sorts, running exhibitions, workshops, shows, concerts, art education programs, and more. They recently had to move out of the 5Pointz building complex (for obvious reasons) and in getting reestablished in their new space, have gotten behind in rent. They’re doing an emergency Kickstarter to start their sustainability plan so they don’t lose their AMAZING and MUCH-NEEDED new home. As things change in Long Island City and supportive/affordable venues in Queens unfortunately remain a rarity, we need to keep the original culture of ART alive and support an organization that has always supported US. Above is my brick on the wall at LP – proudly standing in solidarity.

Check out their Kickstarter and BUY A BRICK! LONG LIVE LP!

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