Photo by my mom, from my Instagram! @audreyleopard

My 26th birthday is a little over a week away! And so much has happened…

– Boundless Tales – reading & hosting!
– 1st printing of my book sold out!
– Compass Project phase two!
– My poem in Creations Magazine!
– My article in Missfits Magazine!
– Our Acey Slade & The Dark Party music video is soon to premiere!
– I’m in love with my typewriter…

Here we go!

Photo by my old friend & fellow writer Mickey Z.!

– Boundless Tales – reading & hosting!
I feel so lucky to be part of the Boundless Tales community, which I’ve mentioned previously on this site. Boundless is one of the only reading series alive & kickin’ in my home borough of Queens, and the founder Aida Zilelian-Silak asked me to host and read for the June reading, and co-host with her in July. It was a BLAST, as always, and I am so looking forward to more.. There’s nothing like being able to share your work and be exposed to the amazing work of others.

I’d also like to mention that some writers from Boundless have started Queens’ newest literary journal, Newtown Literary, seeking “fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and poetry that go beyond entertainment and storytelling.” According to them, “the pieces we include for publication have struck us on a deep level. Pieces that juxtapose humor with grief, tell untold love stories, and replace cliché with innovation are examples of works that will find a home in Newtown Literary.” Yes, yes! The first issue deadline is 8/4/12 so please look into it and submit your work!

– 1st printing of my book sold out!
There are no words for how this feels.. To know that this book actually exists is one thing, but I am humbled each time someone takes it home, inquires about it, offers congratulations, and even heartfelt feedback. I am almost halfway through my 2nd printing and it never feels any less amazing than the first time I held it. Thank you all SO MUCH for your support, you have no idea how much it means to me. If you want to get my book and find out more about it, click here!

– Compass Project phase two!
Back in February I started a project in which I printed my poetry and prose on stickers and put them up around NYC. It’s been a really fun and eye-opening experience which has even led me to some lovely new friends and feedback I didn’t think I’d get. Amazing to know people have actually peeled them off and kept them! And to see where they stay and where they disappear.. Click here to see snapshots from phase one and the more recent phase two. I even got my poetry on a bulldozer! Why not?! ;)

– My poem in Creations Magazine!
I am so, so excited to see a poem as special to me as “sifting” in a magazine I really enjoy, filled with creative and positive inspirations – Creations! Creations Magazine published it in their most recent August/September issue. You can find it around NYC/Long Island or check out the latest magazine content here. THANK YOU! I have to remind myself of what came through me when I wrote that poem constantly, so I’m so thankful to be able to share it with Creations’ audience.

Photo by Darren Mayhem

– My article in Missfits Magazine!
My lovely friend Maddie and her best friend publish a kick-ass, artsy magazine called Missfits! Girls from across the world contribute to what becomes a gorgeous mix of essays, interviews, fashion spreads, art, and more, and through them I got to experience my very first ROLLER DERBY and write about it! Pretty. Damn. Amazing. You can read my article on Gotham Girls Roller Derby in their latest issue starting on page 64!

There’s also an awesome ad for my book on page 21, created for me by Kerry Murdoch! THANK YOU!

Photo by Nick Calder, featuring Miz Katastrophe & Acey Slade

– Our Acey Slade & The Dark Party music video is soon to premiere!
Back in May I worked as producer with my best friend Nick Calder as director to create a killer (literally) horror-themed music video for rock band Acey Slade & The Dark Party! We’re premiering it in the area before Nick flies on back to Korea to fulfill his destiny (!), so I’m REALLY excited to share it! We had the most giving, kick-ass, enthusiastic crew – just goes to show what you can create with a little (err, a LOT) of elbow grease and raw passion! ;) Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone involved!

– I’m in love with my typewriter…
‘Nuff said! I found this old Underwood typewriter in a library’s yard sale in the little town of Fleischmanns in the Catskills and I have been madly, hopelessly, completely in love with it. When you truly love the craft of writing, there is just NOTHING like using a typewriter.. It puts you in a different frame of mind. Then when I found out one of my favorite writers, the incomparable F. Scott Fitzgerald, used an Underwood.. That pretty much pushed me over the edge! Adore this thing.

I am so grateful for everything that’s happened. It has been a time of great upheaval in my life but I can never forget that I have so many things to be thankful for. THANK YOU to all of you, THANK YOU endlessly for your words, energy, and support.

Thank you also to all my comrades at Dom & Tom development studio who I spent a little over two years in the digital trenches with as a Project Manager. I can’t tell you how proud I am of all the amazing websites, apps, ads, and projects we’ve done together. Most recently I managed the Hearst Corporation account, which, for a Project Manager that is a writer at heart, was certainly an honor. I’ve since parted ways with Dom & Tom, but there are more adventures to be had.. !

In closing – I’ve added more content to the Recent Work section and did a little reorganizing! Indie films, poetry projects, singing samples, articles, interviews, and much more. Check it out!

Love and good energy to you, always.


Author: audrey dimola

My work catches flame at the intersections of multidisciplinary art, ceremony and ritual, community and connection, improvisation and radical vulnerability. I am a Queens, NYC born-and-raised alchemical poet, lifelong artist and performer, event curator, and sacred space-holder; author of 4 poetry and prose collections; Director of Public Programs at Socrates Sculpture Park; and creator of original event experiences such as Nature of the Muse, Church of the Sacred Body, and How We Create & How We Cope: Intersections of Art & Mental Illness.

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