Good Stuff

Three special people in my life have some special happenings worth mentioning…

Nick (NJ) Calder is en route to Chicago right now for the world premiere of his first feature film Fear Eats The Seoul on the BIG screen in the Chicago Fear Film Fest! We are still in the process of submitting it to more festivals and spreading the word.. Amazing how far you can come. We’re also filming a music video next month – more on that soon ;)

Mike Stahl, who consistently churns out killer posts (sorry – blessays, actually) for his DeFaced column on SUGAR -N- THUNDER, is reading at Boundless Tales at Waltz-Astoria next Thurs, April 19th. Can’t wait!

Eric Whiptastic just released his first eBook – TIBBY! Another dream that has come really far. You can check it out and snag it for just 99 cents on Amazon right HERE! It’s funny, strange, and well-written – what’s not to love?

As for me…

There are times that all the changes of these past few months get me down more than others. Ruminating on it – I wrote a new poem this week during lunch. Sometimes I feel like the universe comes through me with things I need to hear.. Words have a magic all their own.


feel your sadness –
but let it slip
through your fingers.
the sorrow will leave,
the memories will remain.
sift through your life
in this way –
keeping the good,
letting go of the pain.
for when you look back
upon your time
on this plane –
you’ll find that the
hourglass sands
that worried you so
have just spilled on through
to fill the
glittering shores
of eternity.
your feet will be back
in the waves
and you’ll wonder
why you ever feared
you were running
out of
– ajd, 4/11/12

More soon.. I just sent the first copy of my book off to the printer – fingers crossed for good news coming soon!

And – find me on Instagram @audreyleopard! ;)

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