Miss you, love you

It doesn’t get any easier – but the love gets stronger.. And stronger.

missing you

it’s the little things
that catch you
walking in to see
your saint jude
and cross candle
on the kitchen table
near a stack
of photos,
the frame i bought you
that played
“you are my sunshine”
the way you always
sang it to me..
and the last
letter i wrote you
on the flowery stationery
you sent me,
in the little purple envelope –
letting you know
that i could never say
your possessions
now here –
without you..
striking the match
to illuminate the
between our two worlds.
now –
we light your candle
for you
the way you did for us
every morning –
closed your eyes
and held saint jude
to your
beautiful face,
speaking your prayers
in your mind –
which is now the
only precious space
we can still hear you.
call out, forever love,
call out loud,
because we are
all listening..
every day through this
never-ending winter,
and every single day
after that.
– ajd, 1/12/12

I miss you, beautiful Nanny. So, so much.

Author: audrey di mola

sacred troublemaker; wildlight // rest + stay awake [...]

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