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Audrey is interested in creative restoration and nurturing conscious, embodied, reciprocal relationship to the wilds of both our inner and outer worlds.

It is a conscious move forward and away from the human-centered world/self– which is increasingly preyed on and desecrated by colonialism, capitalism, big biz, big pharma, mass media, corrupt systems, the “industrial growth society,” and over-arching predatory forces.

We are stressed, sick, destructive, confused, blinded, lost, and looping over and over again in old unhealed stories. All because we have forgotten the truth of Who We Really Are […]


This page changes often as I am in process of integrating and remembering the work of my Deep Soul.



On an ongoing basis I am offering 1-1.5 hour 1-on-1 virtual sessions exploring your unique inner landscapes, worlds, guides, and mythologies in a safe, generous, and courageous way. Grown out of THE BOOK OF LEGEND and first ventured into in Spring 2020.

Based on the journeyer’s interest/needs (“choose your own adventure!”), the session can involve ritual-making, creative intuition exercises, oracle deck journeying, storytelling, ecotherapy, and what Audrey has dubbed “wild body dreaming.” Available for groups or in-person, email me for more specifics.

a recent testimonial:

as a trauma therapist, i have been searching for innovative ways to explore grief in my body. the legend session with audrey was exactly what i’ve been looking for. i was guided through 3-4 visual meditations that allowed me to feel less cluttered in my mind, more centered in my body, and i’ve felt directed and focused all week. i’m excited to use these sessions to better connect to my ancestors, intuition, and future self. pro tip: go in with zero expectations and let your intuition take the lead. 10/10 would recommend –sonalee rashatwar, @thefatsextherapist



“There is a place for professional intervention, such as psychotherapy, for some, and psychoactive drugs that help avert acute crises.

However, the idea that these interventions are somehow superior to lifestyle changes, relationships, or non-technical approaches like yoga is an idea that is solely based on ideology and vested interests in maintaining professional standing and power. It is not based on science, and, in fact, may actually defy it.

People are different, and difference from the dominating norm is not necessarily evidence of inferiority and disease. Further, trauma, oppression, and adversity are a part of life, whether we wish to acknowledge or appreciate it or not. And, long-term healing happens through changes in the environment; changes that have been common sense for centuries prior to the advent of industrialization.

Relationships matter. Relaxation matters. Nutrition matters. Hope and purpose matter. Nature matters. Love matters.”

— Noel Hunter, Psy.D., from “Trauma & Madness in Mental Health Services”



There are so. many. alternatives. to the traditional biomedical/biopsychiatric model for healing from/working with “mental illness,” trauma, and chronic stress– and so many ways to move forward from the deeply disempowering “sick brain that needs to be fixed” diagnosis phraseology of the DSM. And even from ideologies surrounding supposed brain chemistry or genetic inheritance.. YOU ARE CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU REALIZE. YOU ARE NOT TRAPPED. YOU ARE NOT STUCK.

This was the deep original root of my pursuance of this Work, after what was perceived as mental health struggles/suicidality, and an eventual Bipolar II + Anxiety Disorder diagnosis, which led me into my current evolutions– from investigating complex trauma and roots of destructive patterning (read my Mad in America article from 2020 here) into the very real fact that our healing does not happen on this current plane of life alone, but is multidimensional and multigenerational, grown out of the reality that We Have Everything We Need to Heal Ourselves {this is Ongoing Work + Discovery}….

I’m always more than willing to discuss and offer my own perspectives and most helpful experiences/resources, many of which are listed below:

– Yoga (try Yoga With Adriene online!)
– Storytelling
– Hero’s Journey frameworks
– Grief work
– Meditation/Mindfulness
– Ceremony, ritual, and earth-based practices explored safely with traditional initiated guides and practitioners like Boundless Warrior (cannot stress this enough)
– The film “Crazywise” (pivotal for me)
– Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy
– Dance and movement
– Somatic Experiencing
– Sensory deprivation floating
– Breathwork
– Working with myth and archetype
– Cold showers / Wim Hof method! (for real)
– Qoya: a movement practice for living wise, wild, and free
Contextual-Conceptual Therapy/Suicide Therapy (which works with METAPHOR as a huge component)
– Ancestral healing work
– Visualization/journeying
– Sound healing
– Plant medicine (CRUCIALLY important who holds ceremony for/with you and can integrate with you afterwards- NOT EVER to be done recreationally)
– Spending time outdoors, in nature, communing with the earth and more-than-human kin
– Health and nutrition (literally, what you eat!)
– Community (retreats, group support, sharing circles)
– Healthy boundaries
– Twelve Step programs (Codependents Anonymous / CoDA changed my life)
– Non-verbal creative modalities like music, art, collage…
– Incredible peer-supported alternatives to the mainstream featuring events, community, Facebook groups, resources, and trainings such as Fireweed Collective (formerly Icarus Project) and the Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA)

You have choices. You have options. You have rights. Remember that.


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