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Once upon a time I began my career in the arts as a journalist (BA in Media Studies, 2009!).

Here’s some from the archives…


Ins&Outs Magazine articles (my first pieces!)

+ Article for Josh Rivedal’s “The i’Mpossible Project” (now a book!)
‘Overcoming Anxiety and Reclaiming My Power’ [Feb ’14]

+ Article for It’s Queens Magazine
Another Chapter: Audrey Dimola curates the 1st ever Queens Literary Town Hall [Nov ’13]

+ Article featured on Newtown Literary Journal’s blog
About my reading/live writing series, Nature of the Muse [March ’13]

+ Article featured on The Yoga Room’s blog (“A New Home”)
About my experience as a front desk yogini at their studios [Feb ’13]

+ Interviews for Glitter & Doom webzine (now-defunct)
Christian Zink, Heavy Metal Chris, Mary Ann Benedetto, Eleni Koutsouradis, Eliza Coolidge, James Call, Christine Cullinane-Haber, Lauryn Shoremas [2013]

+ Article for It’s Queens Magazine
Gustavo Rodriguez: A true Queens creative [Jan ’13]

+ Article for It’s Queens Magazine
Queens asserts its literary authenticity [Jan ’13]

+ Article for It’s Queens Magazine
Ten local reasons to brave the winter weather [Jan ’13]

+ Article for Missfits Magazine (full issue here)
Heart, Sweat & Derby: What it’s really like to be a Gotham Girls Roller Derby girl [June ’12]

+ Bohemian Rhapsodies story
Prose published in a book featuring true tales by Queen fans and celebrities

+ Review for Sugar -n- Thunder
Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway: priceless! [Nov ’11]

+ Essay for Missfits Magazine (full issue here)
On “Self-defeating Sisterhood” and why we should reexamine our relationships with our fellow females [Sept ’11]

+ Interview for Sugar -n- Thunder
L Train’s lead vocalist Crystalla Gonzalez sounds off on this local band on the rise [August ’11]

+ Interview for Sugar -n- Thunder
Joanna Trumino of The Flower Tiki discusses her popular handmade pin-up hair accessories [June ’11]

+ Interview for Sugar -n- Thunder
Singer/pianist Lorrie Doriza discusses Vespertina, her new music project with acclaimed producer Stoupe [May ’11]

+ Interview for Sugar -n- Thunder
NYC-born, Korea-based filmmaker NJ Calder discusses his forthcoming horror feature, Fear Eats The Seoul [Nov ’10]

+ Article & Photos for Sugar -n- Thunder
Adventures in Fort Tilden [Oct ’10]

+ Interview for QRO Mag
NYC 3-piece (& “irregular rock band”!) Demander [Feb ’10]

+ Concert Review for QRO Mag
Brooklyn rock/surf/metal band The Giraffes (w/photos & video) [Jan ’10]

+ Interview for QRO Mag
Electric Six frontman Dick Valentine during their Kill tour [Dec ’09]

Concert Review for QRO Mag
Brooklyn rock band Freshkills (w/photos & video) [Oct ’09]

Interview for QRO Mag
Brooklyn hip hop/punk pop band gONNA gET gOT (w/photos & video) [Oct ’09]

Photo Gallery for QRO Mag
Game Core Convention in Philly, part of gONNA gET gOT coverage [Oct ’09]

Photo coverage of local events (for LIC blog)

Citibank Light Waterfall (photo pub’d in May ’11 LIC Courier Magazine)


Video interviews (for Sugar & Thunder, The Bang & The Clatter)

Ins&Outs local music mini-documentary (Queens music scene)

+ Ins&Outs TV videos (local interviews & event coverage)


“Feel Loved” – Lisa Kurner (2015)
Director: Nick Neon
Producer: Audrey Dimola

“Grave of the Fireflies” – Acey Slade & The Dark Party (2012)
Director: Nick Neon
Producer: Audrey Dimola

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Celebrated as “a wildfire in a world of fluorescent bulbs,” a “poetic force of nature,” and “inspiration incarnate,” Queens, New York City native AUDREY DIMOLA is a poet, performer, curator, messenger, local arts advocate, community organizer, and lifelong artist, as well as Director of Public Programs at Long Island City’s Socrates Sculpture Park. // Thanks so much for stopping by! You’ll find all my work on this website, past and present, as well as new blog posts. Poetry, prose, videos, events, photos, articles – it’s all here. // STAY WILD, STAY GRATEFUL!


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