Audrey di Mola is an earth-centered artist, storyteller, and dancer adventuring in myth, ecological wellness, and wild body dreaming. She is New York City born, raised, and based– having grown up walking the edges and in-betweens of her native Long Island City, Queens and the Catskill Mountains. She wishes to honor and uplift the Canarsie, Munsee Lenape, Wappinger, and Matinecock peoples, and the precious lands and waters that raised her.

Audrey is a lifelong writer/poet, interdisciplinary artist, and performer; youth mentor and dynamic public speaker; and has nearly a decade of experience as a celebrated event curator, organizer, and sacred space-holder working creatively in diverse communities. Past offerings include: Nature of the Muse, Church of the Sacred Body, How We Create & How We Cope: Intersections of Art & Mental Illness, and countless happenings at world-renowned public art-space Socrates Sculpture Park, where she served as Director of Public Programs 2016-2021.

She has self-published 4 books of poetry and prose including “WILDLIGHT” and “THE BOOK OF LEGEND,” which has been called her “own unique unrepeatable genre, a new species of book;” been featured in Mad in America, Dark Mountain Project, and Rebelle Society; created immersive art installations for the Southeast Queens Biennial, The Lit Exhibit, and CultureLab LIC; and performed in venues both intimate and massive around NYC including The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, and Brooklyn Museum. In 2020 she earned a Certificate in Ecotherapy from Earthbody Institute and gave her most recent full-length presentation: “How to Convert Your Life Into Legend: Inside the Hero’s Journey,” hosted by the Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA). 

Audrey is passionate about bridging worlds between inner and outer bodies, experimental creativity, empowering alternative healing modalities, (re)connection to nature and more-than-human kin, co-creating safe and generative spaces, and sharing “folkloric futurism” and the healing, sacred aliveness of Story with the world.

She is currently healing and exploring with The Storytelling Circle, international experimental theatre ensemble Dzieci, and Somatic Experiencing via ThruBody Therapy. Ecosomatics is a primary interest, as are sacred inquiries into wholeness beyond just “mental health”; the Earth is her Dance Teacher {and Dance Partner}…

You’ll find all her past and present work from 2008/2009 onward at this online home, as well as new blog posts. Poetry, prose, videos, events, photos, articles – it’s all here… !!


“I recognized myself in the mirror of the stories– and only then did it become clear to me how to negotiate the quandary of my life. And so the stories– more than just food, more than just nourishment, are medicine. Not specifically to heal– because we have a fantasy of healing– which is that the wounds and the scars will be gone, and we’ll be just as we were before the affliction ever landed on us. But to heal, as I mean it, is to make the wound a source– a generous and generative source– of what you have to give and bring into the world.”
Danny Deardorff.

“You are beautiful, and only here for a short time. God has blessed you, so rise up. Find out what you love. Speak it. Be it. Steward it. Nothing else will quite fill your soul, or make such deep purchase in your heart. It will make you kind. It’s not the only way, but it has claimed me, and I will put my shoulder to its service while I’m here.
Dr. Martin Shaw.


The entries below are blog updates/news in real-time.

Enjoy exploring!

Author: audrey dimola

My work catches flame at the intersections of multidisciplinary art, ceremony and ritual, community and connection, improvisation and radical vulnerability. I am a Queens, NYC born-and-raised alchemical poet, lifelong artist and performer, event curator, and sacred space-holder; author of 4 poetry and prose collections; Director of Public Programs at Socrates Sculpture Park; and creator of original event experiences such as Nature of the Muse, Church of the Sacred Body, and How We Create & How We Cope: Intersections of Art & Mental Illness.

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