‘and the mystery Sang alive.’ — d. thomas.

I’m interested in the mandorla-dance that holds the mysterious paradox of brain and body, heart and mind, dark and light, depth and clarity. I work in ways the mythic La Loba does- wandering the desert of the psyche in search of soul bones, carrying them back to her fire-flickering cavern of warmth, and singing them back to life. Earth and Story saved my life- truly, they are why I am still here. And as long as I can bow my head and bend my ear to listen to them, to tell and hear and sing and share- Devote and Deliver- I know I have a reason to stay. My work is Vessel for what I receive- dance, spoken word, messengership, movement, healing, space-holding. My dedication is Tending to the roughened ones, those who walk the medial and the edge. Telling and helping others to tell their stories– helping others remember how to Listen. To be an instrument for ancient voices, for the Most Ancient Voice- the waters, the land. A map-maker and a bard for the mythologies of personhood and place…

Audrey di Mola traverses the wilds of the deep heart.

She is an earth-centered artist, storyteller, writer/poet, and experiential (re)educator holding 15 years of experience exploring inner and outer landscapes as sacred space-holder, creative facilitator, and interdisciplinary event curator.

You’ll find Audrey’s past and present work from 2008/2009 onward at this online home, as well as new blog posts. Poetry, prose, videos, events, photos, articles…

And yes- Audrey Dimola and Audrey di Mola are the same but different ;) My dad changed the spelling of his surname when he received American citizenship, but I am more recently exploring reclaiming the Italian spelling. <3


“I recognized myself in the mirror of the stories– and only then did it become clear to me how to negotiate the quandary of my life. And so the stories– more than just food, more than just nourishment, are medicine. Not specifically to heal– because we have a fantasy of healing– which is that the wounds and the scars will be gone, and we’ll be just as we were before the affliction ever landed on us. But to heal, as I mean it, is to make the wound a source– a generous and generative source– of what you have to give and bring into the world.”
Daniel Deardorff.

“You are beautiful, and only here for a short time. God has blessed you, so rise up. Find out what you love. Speak it. Be it. Steward it. Nothing else will quite fill your soul, or make such deep purchase in your heart. It will make you kind. It’s not the only way, but it has claimed me, and I will put my shoulder to its service while I’m here.”
Dr. Martin Shaw.

“You are a mischievous one. You will cause no end of trouble. You have to travel many roads before you find the river of your destiny. This life of yours will be full of riddles. You will be protected and you will never be alone.”
— Ben Okri, “The Famished Road.”

“We are receiving a request to move on still further, from the psychological to the mythological stage […] That understanding is not behind us, but ahead of us.”
— Robert Bly.


The entries below are blog updates/news in real-time [although much has been posted in on-going fashion on Instagram!].

Enjoy exploring ;)

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