NYC native Audrey Dimola is a Bearer of Legend, alchemical artist and poet, event curator, sacred space-holder, youth mentor, and impassioned advocate for education, access, and understanding of the healing interrelation of myth, mental health, and the ecologies of spirit. Audrey’s rich experiences with Nature and the more-than-human world, creating and practicing ceremony and ritual, and the True Self’s mythopoetic depths helped her reclaim and save her own life, and she vows to continue assisting others in walking between their own worlds and edge-spaces. As of October 2020 she holds a Certificate in Ecotherapy from The Earthbody Institute, and is a Girls Write Now Writing Works mentor for the 2020-21 season!

She has self-published 4 books including “WILDLIGHT” and “THE BOOK OF LEGEND,” performed in venues both intimate and massive around NYC including The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (with experimental troupe Dzieci Theatre!), LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, and Brooklyn Museum, and has nearly a decade of experience curating and hosting countless multidisciplinary arts events and working creatively in diverse communities. Since 2016 she has planned, provided, and managed a vibrant array of ever-expanding free public programming with over 150 partnerships for world-renowned waterfront art-space, Socrates Sculpture Park, in the beloved Queens neighborhood where she grew up.

She is an active proponent of radical vulnerability; sharing a kin-centric relation to All Things (animal, plant, spirit, human); peer-centered, holistic alternatives to traditional narratives that are often disempowering and disconnected; trauma-informed safe spaces for sharing; the healing power of looking inward instead of outward for guiding wisdom; and the vital importance of moving through these revelatory days with deep reverence, self-awareness, humor, and compassion.

Naturally emergent while heeding the soul’s calls of initiation, Audrey’s unique yet deeply rooted methods and modes of practice have been developed, honed, and explored through innate spiritual faculties and extrasensory perception, wilderness work, intuitive sense, lifelong artistic pursuits, and extensive on-the-ground experience, both person-to-person and in service to community and the environment.

You’ll find all her past and present work at this online home, as well as new blog posts. Poetry, prose, videos, events, photos, articles – it’s all here… !!

“I recognized myself in the mirror of the stories– and only then did it become clear to me how to negotiate the quandary of my life. And so the stories– more than just food, more than just nourishment, are medicine. Not specifically to heal– because we have a fantasy of healing– which is that the wounds and the scars will be gone, and we’ll be just as we were before the affliction ever landed on us. But to heal, as I mean it, is to make the wound a source– a generous and generative source– of what you have to give and bring into the world.” — Danny Deardorff.


i have known within myself, since i was a child, that there are worlds within worlds within worlds.

i have been drawn to the spirits who walk between them– mercury/hermes, especially, The Messenger.

and i accept fully in this moment that i too am Psychopomp– a guide of souls into their depths.

all these years– especially the past five– of living so close to, and inside, the very real possibility of my own death. inside the want for it, along the edges, within these liminal spaces i felt would literally decimate my very being– and nearly did.

But I Am Here. I Am Still Here. and my dual-pronged experiences of “mental illness” and spiritual/shamanic awakening are no mere coincidence or by-product. Walking These Worlds are what i’m here to do– and i want to Walk Them with You, too.

i state here for the first time my dedication to what has arisen as my own unique practice– but rooted in the depth of collective unconscious, archetype, myth, spirit, symbol, living poetry, and eternal wisdom. i am a Practitioner of Living Legend. i play with the prima materia. i live in alchemy. in the effortless creation, the back + forth and in-betweens.

the rest of my life– will continue to be my unabashed coming out party as wise + wild woman, priestess, warrior goddess, divine feminine conjoined with sacred masculine, messenger, magician, healer, channel, guide.



The entries below are blog updates/news in real-time.

Enjoy exploring!

Author: audrey dimola

My work catches flame at the intersections of multidisciplinary art, ceremony and ritual, community and connection, improvisation and radical vulnerability. I am a Queens, NYC born-and-raised alchemical poet, lifelong artist and performer, event curator, and sacred space-holder; author of 4 poetry and prose collections; Director of Public Programs at Socrates Sculpture Park; and creator of original event experiences such as Nature of the Muse, Church of the Sacred Body, and How We Create & How We Cope: Intersections of Art & Mental Illness.

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