National Poetry Month…

NYC view from Gantry Park at twilight, photo by me

Poetry is always something to celebrate ;)

But in the spirit.. I’m doing a haiku a day, every day this month – check them out on my Tumblr!

I’m also so excited to announce that I’ll be hosting the Boundless Tales reading series at Waltz-Astoria for the summer months – more dates & details soon!

Boundless Tales will also be featured at the 2nd annual NYC Poetry Festival this summer, which is going to be AWESOME. Congrats!

Author: audrey dimola

My work catches flame at the intersections of multidisciplinary art, ceremony and ritual, community and connection, improvisation and radical vulnerability. I am a Queens, NYC born-and-raised alchemical poet, lifelong artist and performer, event curator, and sacred space-holder; author of 4 poetry and prose collections; Director of Public Programs at Socrates Sculpture Park; and creator of original event experiences such as Nature of the Muse, Church of the Sacred Body, and How We Create & How We Cope: Intersections of Art & Mental Illness.

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